Simple Makeup Tricks Every Woman Should Know for Summer

Simple Makeup Tricks Every Woman Should Know for Summer is as follows


Simple Makeup Tricks Every Woman Should Know



  • To avoid makeup breakdown in summers prepares your T-zone with a light antiperspirant product.
  • Apply a very light primer followed by a light foundation. It’s better to combine a small amount of your liquid foundation with an amount of moisturizer. It will thin it out and provide you a lighter coat which is required for summer.
  • Avoid the use of concealer instead apply a little foundation to conceal if you have got any spots on your face. Don’t use compact powder in summers it will make your skin patchy.
  • Always apply first an eye primer before starting eye makeup. Then use a soft shimmery eyeshadow on your lids. To get that glow on your lids goes for a colored eye gloss. Do not use cream based eyeshadow as they can melt on the face in summer.Apply long-lasting and waterproof eyeliner of the color you like and then curl your eyelashes. Apply waterproof mascara later then.
  • For cheek color, apply a light layer of a gel or liquid blush. These stay longer than powder blush.


Cleansing and Moisturizing
  • Regularly wash your face with a gentle face wash twice a day to clean off any dirt from the skin. Before going to bed adopt the habit of Cleansing and moisturizing. 
  • Let your natural glow shine through, especially when it’s summer. If you do need to wear makeup, stick with everything waterproof, and try not to overdo it.


Stay Hydrated
  • Drinking a lot of water (15-20 glasses a day) and liquids will help the skin stay soft, hydrated and moisturized as well.Drop a slice of lemon or simply squeeze out its juices into your water bottle and sip throughout the day. The citric acid in lemons helps to keep kidneys healthy and is high in vitamin C, which means they will improve your immune system.


  • Make sure that the sunscreen is applied at least 30 minutes before you step out. To protect your skin all through the day, generously reapply sunscreen every 2 hours as sunscreen wears off, sweats off and rinses off if you are out in the sun. According to skin specialists, an SPF-30 should be used during summer.
  • If your skin is prone to redness especially when out in the sun, it’s best to keep your products in the refrigerator. The coldness will reduce the dilation of the capillaries and help in subsiding the redness.
  • The skin is oilier during the summer and all the oil and bacteria gets caught up in the bristles of the makeup brushes which result in clogged pores. Wash your Makeup Brushes at least once a week with baby shampoo and leave overnight to dry.





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