15 useful Kitchen Cooking Ideas every women should know

Cooking has never been an easy task. It always requires time and dedication especially when you are cooking for your loved ones.

Today I’m sharing 15 useful Kitchen Cooking Ideas every woman should know/easy cooking tips to make your work in Kitchen Hassle free.


1. Opening Bitter Gourd (Karela) and applying salt to it will keep them fresh and decrease its darkness.


Cooking Tips for Women
Applying salt to Bitter Gourd

2. When cooking dish – Dum Aaloo, peel potatoes and puncture them with a fork. Place them in salt water. This will improve the essence of Dum Aaloo.


Cooking Tips for Women
Potato punctured and peeled

3. When you can’t peel dry Ginger, put it in chill water for around 30 minutes. These will help to peel dry ginger effectively.


Cooking Tips for Women
Dry Ginger

4. Warming Garlic with skin in a  pan for 2 minutes will enable you to remove it’s skin effortlessly.


Cooking Tips for Women
Heating Garlic cloves in pan

5. Place 4-5 cloves in Sugar jar to get rid of Ants.


Cooking Tips for Women
Cloves in sugar jar

6. If you want to remove the smell of onion from a pan rub a potato slice on it and afterward wash it.


Cooking Tips for Women
Rubbing Potato in Pan

7. Adding curd to Chapattis dough will make it tastier and soft.


Cooking Tips for Women
Adding Curd to Chapatti dough

8. Add 1 tablespoon of curd while cooking Okra i.e Bhindi in Hindi. This will resist Okra/Bhindi stick to each other.


Cooking Tips for Women
Curd in Okra

9. Placing coriander leaves roots in a glass of water or glass jar will keep them fresh for a long time.


Cooking Tips for Women
Coriander roots placed in water

10. While cooking Sambhar, add salt and turmeric to Daal and afterward boil it. Daal will cook quicker.


Cooking Tips for Women
Adding turmeric and salt to daal

11. Troubled to squeeze a dry lemon? Put it in hot water for few minutes. You will later be able to remove it’s juice easily.


Cooking Tips for Women
Squeezing dry lemon

12. Once in a month add 1-2 cups of salt and run it in a mixer machine. This will help you keep blades of mixer sharp.


Cooking Tips for Women
Grinding Salt in mixer to sharpen its blade

13. After boiling Noodles add cold water to it. Noodles won’t stick to each other.


Cooking Tips for Women
Noodles in Coldwater

14. Adding Bay leaf to Wheat flour storage/Jar will keep flour fresh for more days and will prevent it from catching moisture.


Cooking Tips for Women
Bay leaf in wheat flour storage

15. While applying tadka add a pinch of turmeric to oil. This will prevent oil from splashing.


Cooking Tips for Women
Pinch of turmeric in Tadka


So, which of these easy cooking tips (cooking Idea) did you liked the most and are going to try in your kitchen?




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3 Responses

  1. Pinkiebag says:

    Hi, some great tips. I shall be trying placing ginger in cold water and warming up the gralic up first. You learn something new everyday.

  2. Zarah says:

    Great tips! Will be using some of these for sure 🙂

  3. billy says:

    thank you for the facts that you shared in here with us and thank you for the article. keep up the good work

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