Kitchen Care Tips for Monsoon Season

Since It’s Monsoon Time in India, My Today’s post is also on Monsoon Season.


Everyone like neat and clean Kitchen, but in monsoon when there’s a lot of moisture in the atmosphere our kitchen are also affected. Don’t let this happen with this simple and easy Kitchen Tips for Monsoon Season.



Kitchen Care Tips for Monsoon Season

Kitchen Care Tips for Monsoon Season


  • The Most important thing in Monsoon is the protection of electrical appliances and wires.


  • Connectivity of the wires should be properly covered and the use of good quality wires should be done which are suitable for domestic connections.


  • Always check electrical wires in the house before the monsoon.


  • Place silicon packets near your gadgets to prevent moisture in the kitchen.


  • Keep the kitchen fan as high as possible and keep the window open.


  • Due to moisture, the dust settles on floor and surface quickly which results in the growth of bacteria and viruses. So it is advisable to clean the floor daily in the rainy season.


  • To protect pulses from insects, put some drops of castor oil in the container.


  • To save the dough from moisture, put a teaspoon of castor oil in it.


  • To get rid of ants, hang two-three onion balls near the tube lights. This causes the ants to run away.


  • If there is a hole in the kitchen, then close it with cement, lime or soil.


  • In rain, cockroaches, earthworms, and other worms make holes their home.


  • Sprinkle an insecticide on the closed hole.


  • Clear all the cans/jars and dry their grains and spices filled in them in the sun.


  • Dry pulses and after drying, keep them in airtight boxes or jars so that moisture and fungal damage cannot reach them.





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