Indian Bridal Makeup Tips and Ideas

Every bride wants to look her best and special on her wedding day and for this, she will definitely not agree to do experiments in her looks. But, if you want to do experiments, do something that makes you look beautiful and classy and also you can set a trend by doing something different.


So let’s learn what things can be included in your bridal look.

Indian Bridal Makeup Tips and Ideas

Indian Bridal  look


Heavy makeup is not quite a good idea with heavy wedding outfits. It seems to be over, besides it is not easy to carry. So always apply light and natural make up with proper base and blush.




Eyeshadow is also very important to complete a Bridal Look. Neutral eyeshadow with light glitters is perfect for Bridal Look. Also, it is easily matched with all kinds of outfits and accessories. But do not overdo it to worsen your look.


Eyeliner gives a good shape to your eyes, winged eyeliner with neutral eyeshadow is perfect for your bridal look.


If you want to highlight your eyes without applying more makeup then apply kajal to the upper lash line also and in the eyes. Make it a bit wider so that your eyes look more beautiful from your sheer dupatta.




Dark and heavy makeup colors that match with your marriage outfit can make you look worse. So keep the makeup as normal as possible with light neutral colors, especially your lipstick. Try nude lipstick this time apart from red, orange, maroon or purple. But if you want colored lips then include burgundy color in your bridal lipstick it looks good on every type of skin tone.


Ideally soft pink, peaches, and cream, light corals, rosewoods or dusty rose colors goes well with fair skin. Medium peaches, pink corals, apricots and terracotta for medium skin and bright coral pink tones, deep fuchsias, magenta and burnt oranges for dark skin tone are good. Use colors accordingly which goes well with your complexion.




Now about the bridal hairstyles. Messy bun or braid are very liked in bridal look because they can be made more beautiful using a variety of hair accessories. So style your hairs accordingly to complete your look.


Your bridal look is incomplete without jewelry and accessories. But avoid overdoing the accessories. Try your accessories with your dress before your wedding day to check everything is just perfect and goes well with your outfit like you planned, it is the only way to get it right.


From outfits to bridal makeup more experiments can look over in your wedding. So remember to keep everything light as possible.


Hope you liked my bridal makeup look ideas. Please don’t forget to rate this article and leave your comments as feedback. Thank You for reading 🙂




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  1. I love these ideas! I'm going to a wedding in Indore in January – what do you suggest in terms of makeup for guests?

  2. Cath says:

    Just beautiful, stunning make up and look.

  3. Amisha says:

    Wedding is about the bride. So as a guest go for natural make up. Focus on eyes & lip color. Don't forget to carry matching earrings & handbag ☺

  4. Hi, Really great effort. Everyone must read this article. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Great one!! Thank you for sharing such a wonderful information!. During wedding, the bride is being dressed up very nicely. To bring glow on her face, various beauty products are applied. In order to maintain it well and to look beautiful even after that is tough task. The mentioned post is surely a helpful tip to all the brides and womens. Keep updating with more such posts!

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