How to Overcome Digital Addiction in Children

In this era of technology and digital learning, use of Gadgets has become essential in our day to day life. No doubt technology has lots of advantages and has made our life simpler in every field but, they do come with disadvantages also. For Children, these digital gadgets are really harmful. Let’s learn how to Overcome Digital Addiction in Children.


Recently we all have come across a deadly game called The Blue Whale in which a teen comes across challenges one after the other given by the game admin. As he accomplishes given challenges he crosses different levels in the game. The finishing and ultimate challenge ask him to commit suicide.


Scary, isn’t it? Parents beware digital addiction is similar to drug addiction in children. It is dangerous for a social, mental and emotional growth of your children. The more time children spend on their gadgets the more it can impact their brains.


Symptoms of digital addiction


Overcome Digital Addiction in Children
Digital Addiction


If your child is suffering from digital addiction, then you will find the following signs in him,

He will frequently request you for the use of his gadgets ( i-pads, laptops, video games, TV, mobiles).

Your denial or taking away of his gadgets will result in his tantrums and even anger.

He will keep himself disengaged from homely and daily activities (such as going to bed on time, eating on time, playing outside or with the sibling) to continue using this gadget.

He will not be interested in other activities like playing outdoor games or going to hobby classes.

Your child will be very obsessed with games or certain characters found in games or videos and wouldn’t be interested in socializing with his friends and family.


How to overcome digital addiction in Children


No other person but the parents only have to take responsibility for making sure that their children practice healthy and moderate use of electronic devices.

Parents need to talk and take interest in their child’s activity especially working parents.

Whenever you introduce a new gadget to your kid you must always set its boundaries.

Learn and know about the total amount of screen time recommended to be given to the age group your child belongs to.

Schedule an appropriate time for using the device under your supervision.

Avoid putting TV and electronic gadgets in your child’s bedroom.

Establish gadget-free zones in your house such as dining hall, study room, bedroom etc.

As a parent always try to have meals without interruptions of any electronic gadgets such as mobile, TV as kids always learn from their surroundings.

Educate your child about the moderate use of electronic gadgets and the drawbacks of its excessive use.

Encourage your child for different activities and hobby classes and help them participate in that according to their interest.

Arrange a small trip or picnic outside to explore a museum or a walk in a park. Try to spend quality time with your child by participating in fun activities on weekends or holidays.

Give them space to share their likes and dislikes and let them share their feelings without scolding, judging or opposing them.

Counsel your child regularly. Talk to your child for 20 minutes daily it will also help you read problem your child may be facing but hesitating in telling you ( like improper touch, body shaming, ragging etc ).

These days it is very important to be careful about what your children are doing on their electronic devices and it is important to be practical about it.




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4 Responses

  1. Anne Yedlin says:

    My son is terrible at being on his devices, but then again…so am I. This is definitely something we both needed to read. I try to keep an eye on what he does on social media and have been limiting his time.

  2. This is a great body that I support 100% percent. My girl have free time electronics and they all happen in the living room. Tv, cell phone, and tablets. That’s so mommy and daddy to monitor what they are doing.

  3. Great article! I have two kids who are pretty much dependent on ipads. That’s something I’m concerned about. Thank you for useful info!

  4. Rebecca Swenor says:

    These are great tips for parents of children to overcome digital addiction. It is important to teach our children limitations with everything they do. Their are a lot of sick people in this world we live in and it is up to us to teach our children safe first. Thanks for sharing the tips.

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