15 Facts About Waxing Everyone Must Know

When the whole nation is locked down, the major concern is personal grooming routine, hair removal, and threading. Don’t just pick up a razor or a readymade wax strip to get rid of unwanted hair. Read this post to find out some interesting facts about waxing and hair removal and get yourself waxed efficiently and safely at home.

For everyone who feels poised and beautiful after being waxed, here we have listed unusual facts about waxing that you must know to get hair-free skin painlessly. Whether you are getting waxed at home or in a salon, you must have adequate knowledge about the quality of the wax, method of waxing, and waxing kit you are going to use. Apart from this, there are certain things that you must take care of when getting waxed and we have tried to compile them in this post.


15 Interesting Facts About Waxing That  Everyone Should Know


1.Origin of Waxing

There are many methods to eradicate unwanted hair or lighten their appearance like bleaching, threading, shaving, etc., but, waxing is the first choice of many. This famous technique of hair removal originated in Egypt when women started practicing body hair removal in 3000 BC. Then, it was only performed on the legs and underarms. Waxing is the easiest, economical, convenient, popular, and effective method of hair removal, that removes undesired hair from body parts. You can use homemade wax, waxing strips, or a waxing kit that is available in the market. Waxing can be performed on almost any area of the body including arms, legs, feet, upper lips, eyebrows, face, back, and bikini line. There are several varieties of waxing procedures available in which one can practice for eliminating undesired hair according to their skin type.


2. Benefits of waxing

Waxing skin improves your skin texture, removes undesired hairs effectively, expels dry skin and dead skin cells without causing skin irritation, bruising, cuts, and allergies in most cases. Skin Waxing makes your skin smoother, reduces skin tanning, and slows down the hair regrowth. Waxing results are longer-lasting as compared to other hair removing techniques and it is also safe and healthier.


3. At present Waxing Is Not Just for Women Only

Waxing is not just for Women only but a great option for hair removal for both men and women. There is no age barrier to it and can be begun from adulthood if your hair growth is more.


4. Getting first-time waxed

When getting ready for first wax make sure your hair growth is at least 1/4th inch long. Do not trim or shave 15 days before your first wax. Wear comfortable loose pants. Don’t forget to moisturize and exfoliate at the right time. Skip moisturizer before and after your waxing session. Be gentle with your skin if you are sensitive to pain.


5. How much it hurts getting waxed?

To be honest, I can say for myself that it doesn’t pain much. Waxing will only hurt in areas most sensitive to pain, but not as much as some people express. When your hair will get pulled out by its roots, it hurts a little but tolerable. When getting waxed for the first time avoid sensitive areas go first with arms and legs.


6. Different types of wax used for hair removal

  • Soft wax – Soft wax requires a wax strip to eliminate the hair and is applied thinly on larger areas for hair removal.
  • Hard wax – Hard wax or strip wax is applied to smaller areas to remove hair from the small hair areas and follicle, facial skin, and rough hair and generally for bikini and Brazilian waxes. Hard wax is considered the best option as it will stick more to hair and eradicate them from roots.
  • Sugaring or Sugar wax – Sugar wax is a poplar waxing alternative for those who love natural ingredients. It is all-natural homemade wax made of lemon, sugar, and water.
  • Fruit wax – Fruit wax is similar to hard wax and is good for sensitive skin. It is packed with extracts of antioxidant and vitamins rich fruits, berries, and plum that nourish your skin.
  • Chocolate wax – Chocolate wax is painless, skin-friendly, and thicker in consistency as compared to other wax options. It is made of cocoa, vitamins, glycerin, almond oil, etc.


7. When to avoid waxing

According to experts, women are more vulnerable before their menstrual cycle. Hence, waxing can be pretty uncomfortable and sensitive for them so avoiding waxing in the weeks before their periods is the best thing to do.


8. Get yourself waxed at the right time after checking the length of your hair

After each waxing session, it is recommended to wax every 3-4 to weeks depending on your hair growth. Make sure your hair growth is at least 1/4th inch before waxing so that the wax can get a grip on your skin while waxing.


Surprising Facts About Waxing Everyone Should Know


9. Choose a licensed esthetician specialized in safe waxing techniques

If you have intended to do waxing in a salon then always opt for a licensed esthetician who has specialized training in safe waxing techniques. Also, don’t forget to share with the person in case you have any skin sensitivity or allergy.


10. Pre-waxing Care

Pre-waxing Care is vital if your skin is extremely sensitive and you can’t take pain easily. Before waxing, apply a Numbing Cream for 30 minutes to ease the hair removal process. Do not use ice to numb your skin before waxing, because it will make waxing difficult as it contracts and closes skin pores. Numbing Creams and sprays anesthetized the skin to get rid of the pain but don’t forget to consult a licensed esthetician before using anything on your skin.


11. Choosing the correct Wax

All waxing products are not great, they come with pros and cons of waxing. To make a wise choice always select a wax made of all-natural ingredients. Avoid low-quality waxes, hard waxes, and products containing paraffin, alcohol, fragrances, retinol, and dyes as they can be harsh for your skin causing swelling or skin inflammation post-waxing sessions. Low-quality wax or hard wax fails to give clean wax and results in ingrown hairs. Therefore, chose elastic wax or all-natural as they are safe and free from irritants.


12. Moisturizing and Exfoliating Facts about Waxing

When waxing, always remember to keep your skin moisturized especially during winters to prevent dryness in skin. Do not use exfoliating products in the area you are getting waxed 3 days before your waxing session. For maintaining healthy skin, moisturizing and exfoliating is essential. Apply a moisturizer one day before and after your waxing session. Remember to scrub your skin two to three days after your waxing sitting. Gently exfoliate your skin using a mild scrub to eliminate all the dead skin cells, avoid clogging of skin pores, and block the growth of ingrown hairs. This is the time when your skin pores will have closed and your skin has recovered.


13. Post-Wax Care

Post waxing care is essential to long last and secure flawless wax impact. After getting waxed your skin is more vulnerable skin to Sun, so apply a sunscreen lotion regularly when stepping out in sun to prevent sun damage and tanning. Apply nonsticky natural cooling gels on the skin, tale cold shower bath, and wear loose natural fabrics post waxing. Apart from that, avoid hot water baths, exercising, and over-exfoliation.


14. Hair Wax Side Effects

Though waxing doesn’t have any side effects it can be a little painful to some people depending on the sensitivity of their skin. It may give red bumps, pimples, or itchy skin in rare cases if not practiced proper moisturizing, exfoliation, and after-wax care at the right time.


15. Homemade Wax Recipe

In a pan, add 1/4th cup sugar, 1/4th cup of lemon juice, and 1/4 cup of water and simmer on medium flame. Keep stirring continuously to avoid lumps. Reduce it until you get a wax consistency and its color changes to light brown. Your homemade sugar wax is ready. You can use it just like a normal wax.


For those thinking of switching to waxing must certainly consult a dermatologist and facialist expert before trying your hands on home wax. Waxing will not only have longer-lasting effects if executed perfectly but will also enhance your beauty and waxing experience. While removing unwanted hair from your body is a necessary task for everyone, these interesting facts about waxing and hair removal methods and products, are elements that require to be analyzed before one initiates with the essential task of extirpating hair from their body. Now that you know the right facts about waxing, always make sure you choose your hair removal products correctly and ensure to follow all the necessary pre-waxing and post-waxing steps without leaving any basic component.


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