Impact of GST on women’s life

This News is for all Women. Many things have become costly with the arrival of Goods and Service Tax. Things in women’s use have become costly too. Whether it is makeup products or sanitary napkins, Oil, shampoo and hair clips have come under the purview of 28% under skin care products under GST.



GST- Impact of GST on women's life



Below is a summary of how GST will affect women and how costly or cheap are going to be women’s products.





  • GST has a mixed effect on women’s kitchen. Open paneer, buttermilk, curd, honey, fruits and vegetables, fresh meats, fresh chicken, egg, milk, open dough, open gram flour, open pulses, open flour, open grains, breads, offerings, salt, flower broom, jaggery, Daily items such as papad, bhindi, bangles and handloom have been kept out of GST.
  • At the same time, 18% tax will be charged on pasta, corn flax, soup, jam, ice cream, instant food mixes, mineral water, flavored refined sugar, pasta, pastries, cake, and preserved vegetables.



  • Till now, 22% tax was collected by adding excise duty on toothpaste, hair oil and soap, which has now been reduced to 18%.
  • At the same time, 28 percent GST has been installed on essential things like hair shampoo, dishwasher and hair clips.
  • Apart from this, considering the sewing machine as a luxury item, 28 percent GST has been installed on it.

Clothes and Shoes


  • Now it is expensive for women to go to the party because the clothes above Rs.1000 will be taxed at 12%.
  • At the same time, 5% GST will be taken for clothes less than Rs. 1000. If we talk about shoes then you have to give 18% GST on the shoes above Rs. 500.

Online Shopping


  • Online shopping for women has also become expensive because suppliers associated with e-commerce companies will increase the prices of their products.
  • Also, you now have 18% GST on your credit card bill instead of 15%.


So Ladies, What you think? Did Central Government overlook us while settling GST sections?




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