Why Do We Feel Alone?

Why Do We Feel Alone? Loneliness doesn’t come from being alone, but from being among people who sometimes can’t understand you. Right? Nah, not always. In this over-ambitious world, in the race of being successful, we sometimes compromise our comforts and choose to stay alone. But with staying alone comes the feeling of loneliness.

We all undergo loneliness at some point in our life despite having so many people and friends around us. People may feel lonely due to different reasons like circumstances, staying alone, relationships, etc. Being alone does not only mean being physically alone but also feeling detached from surrounding and people. Keep reading this post to find out Why we feel lonely and how to overcome loneliness?

Reasons Why We Feel Alone

The reason for being alone can be different for every person like a dispute with family, arrogant nature, failed relationship, loss in business, being unemployed, being emotionally weak, staying away from home, etc. The reason for this can be anything, and no one knows that reason better than you yourself. Thus, find out the reason so it’s easy for you to overcome your feeling of loneliness.

What To Do When We Feel Alone

Loneliness is a feeling in which a person not only feels intense emptiness and isolation but often feels unwanted. When you do not get support from people around you, you start feeling isolated. A lonely person is constantly battling with the thoughts in the mind and keeps feeling suffocating as they are unable to express their feeling.

If you feel lonely, instead of allowing these mixed feelings to control your mind, you should feel positive, energetic, and emotionally strong. But if the loneliness persists for a long time, then this loneliness may gradually turn into depression and can make you mentally, emotionally, and physically weak. In that case, you should start helping yourself or take advice from someone you trust, or even can take a counseling session. Apart from this, below mentioned easy ways can also help you overcome the feeling of loneliness by yourself.


1. Start Socializing

Don’t imprison yourself in your house after your work hours to save yourself become a victim of loneliness especially when you are living a bachelor life. Begin communications with friends and family. Call them or chat with them, or invite them to spend a weekend with you. You can also meet your neighbors and other people around you, inquire about their well-being, share a morning or evening walk with them or throw a small house party and invite them.


2. Never Sit Idle


Why Do We Feel Alone?

Read books, newspapers, motivational blogs, to keep yourself motivated and engaged. Write a personal journal daily and pen down everything that causes you pain or hurts you and then forget about that. If you are good at writing you can also start your blog, or write stories, or poems, and content for other blogs.


Why Do We Feel Alone?


3. Explore Your Life

After you have made new friends go for a walk, chill with them, or visit new places with them. Arrange a weekend-end picnic, adventure, or sport that can change your mood and make you feel refreshed for the upcoming week. You can also learn something new, or do the cooking, household chores, or gardening, etc. together or alone to keep yourself busy.


4. Meditate

Meditation can not only help you balance your spiritual and mental wellbeing but also help you gain a sense of peace and equipoise, which is very crucial for your complete health. Meditation has also proven benefits in helping with certain medical problems. Practicing meditation in the morning in an open atmosphere and fresh air will keep you vigorous and fresh throughout your day. It will also help you overcome negative thoughts especially related to your loneliness.


5. Adopt A Pet

Pets can really help control feelings of loneliness and depression. Getting a pet is a huge responsibility, so if you can responsibly take care of a four-leg companion throughout its life, and if you like pets you can get one. Take care of them like your own baby, exercise with them, walk with them, play with them and share a beautiful bond with them to overcome loneliness.


6. Stay Humble

Relationships are very precious to break, so if you have isolated yourself because of a breakup or failed relationship, due to misunderstanding or ego, then throw away your pride and stay humble. Try to resolve things maturely and if things can’t be resolved, get departed with a mutual feeling of respect for each other and not ego. So forget your pride, and keep a humble attitude with people even after breaking up.


Every person’s thoughts, nature, circumstances are different and so are their different reasons for feeling lonely. Loneliness is not something that you cannot get rid of, if you think positively and act accordingly. So, do not waste your time in futile thoughts and make your life your priority, and live every moment of your life to the fullest.


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