10 Signs You Are Being Abused By A Narcissist

Every partner in love would rather believe an anecdotist, than believe their family and friends, assuming that the person loves them. But what happens when everything gets difficult? What if things are worse than your thoughts? How would you get out of that unpleasant situation? How would you learn your partner is a narcissist? If you are not sure that your partner is vilifying you, here are some obvious red flags that need your attention. Keep reading this post to know the signs you are being abused by a Narcissist.


10 Signs You Are Being Abused By A Narcissist


A narcissistic personality disorder is a mental condition and a type of personality disorder, in which a person has an extreme perspicacity for their interest, demands utmost attention, and recognition. This behavior results in disturbed relationships and a lack of understanding for others. Some of the causes of this personality disorder can be high expectations, carelessness, trauma, abuse, insensitive parenting, unnecessary pampering, criticism, etc.

A life with a narcissist is never easy to live. It is always being abused by a narcissist. They are very threatening and mind game players, to get their victims into their trap. Narcissistic relationships occur when an individual or both partners battle with a narcissistic personality disorder, trying to prove their superiority to others with low regard to other person’s perceptions. Narcissists are always angry, uncontrollable, unexpected, threatening, manipulative, and revengeful. The lack of control and power over a partner can drive them crazy and they never regret it. They lack empathy for their partner’s feelings resulting in hard feelings for them. Below we’ve listed 10 very common signs of being abused by a Narcissist.


1.Excessive sense of self-importance and admiration

They consider themself the best in a relationship and exaggerates their talents, recognization, and achievements. They also display themself superior and a decision-maker about all important things in their life. A Narcissist partner has an extreme viewpoint of perquisite and expectations. They throw tantrums, show attitude and arrogance towards their partner. They always talk about themselves and the other individual has to struggle to get their opinions and feelings listened and when they do, they interrupt or try to correct their partner and switch the communication back to themselves.


2. Ignores you

They will never ask you about your day or how you are doing. When you tell them about your hectic day at home or work, they don’t pay attention to what you’re telling them, instead they grab their phone, stay absent-minded, or don’t show interest in you. They make you feel hopeless and worthless.


3. Always Blames

A narcissistic partner will make you feel irresponsible and unreliable. They like blaming you for every situation and problem. A narcissist partner always throws their antagonistic behavior on their partner. They are never satisfied with what their partner does for them. They are always demanding, unapologetic, self-centered, always blaming and pointing other’s flaws.


4. You no longer feel the same as before

When you are in control of an intoxicated and parochialism individual, you start losing yourself. You forget to laugh and be cheerful. You spend your days in constant worry, sadness, and crying. With a narcissist partner, you forget to laugh and be cheerful. You are afraid of your partner and feel stressed or uncomfortable around them. When you’re in a relationship with a narcissist, you feel trapped in that relationship.


5. Breaks promises

The narcissist breaks promises and enjoys breaking rules repeatedly. They are big traffic rules violators. A narcissist show negligence toward other’s ideas, commitments, feelings, also blames and dishonors others without kindness and sympathy. Not only this but a narcissist also borrows other’s stuff and doesn’t care to return it.


6. Jealous

A narcissist is very jealous of anyone or anything that has your attention over them. This includes career, pets, friends, etc. They will get angry and regularly demand your attention. They will keep a watch on your activities. Like, your phone calls, work, talking to someone else, etc.


7. Abusive Behavior

A narcissist will have abusive behavior towards their partner and will threaten or provoke them to leave by being abusive during an argument. A narcissist won’t feel responsible for the affliction but would inflict the partner with abuse. The abuse can be either emotional, mental, verbal, financial, or physical.


8. Has Fake Image To Maintain

A narcissist will attempt to impress others either verbally or good looks. They have a social, financial, professional, materialistic false image to maintain. A narcissist uses people, status, money, or their achievements. They make grandiose statements and exaggerates things to represent their image, to conceal the flawed real self. The display of I am more skilled than you, is for everyone’s respect, and attention.


9. Manipulative

A narcissist who has Manipulative behavior uses intrinsic manipulation for personal gains and to gain control over others. They are master manipulators. They will always justify their wrong action and practice repentance manipulative ways to gain trust as before. A narcissist swears at you and misuses your sentiments and trick you to make exorbitant sacrifices. If specified of any unpleasant past event, the narcissist will stir up, and profess the partner of being inconsiderate.


10. Weird Behavior

A narcissist will always be ready to argue with you but sometimes they will behave unpredictable and weird. Like, a sudden change in their behavior praising your work, your dreams, ideas, etc. Apart from this, a narcissist can talk about anything exciting to them even if they have no one to listen to. They try to manipulate and divert your attention from his ME to WE, to influence everyone around. But the minute you try to be yourself, they will attempt to lower you.


If you find yourself in such a difficult relationship with a narcissist, there are many strategies and facilities you can prepare to heal your relationship, health, and respect. You will need to talk to a professional to get a more precise knowledge of exactly what your position is, and are you being abused by a narcissist or not, as the signs differ from a couple to couple. Besides, practice yoga, meditation, and self-care. But, if a couple has reached a point where there is no way to reverse things, and doing so can only be harmful to them, it is better to leave with a carefully planned out exit strategy.


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