How To Overcome With Jealousy

Jealousy pragmatically can make a person selfish and blind. Due to which, a person fumbles to concentrate on his goals and hence can’t achieve it and envies others. Jealously can be fatal for a person psychologically, emotionally, and also physically. It also affects emotions thereby affecting the health and appearance of a person. Keep reading this post to find out how a person can overcome with jealousy.


Causes Of Jealousy


Jealousy is a very unfruitful and toxic emotion, which leads to abject outcomes.  The signs of jealousy depend on the behavior, character, and nature of a person.  This feeling only poisons an individual, gives rise to many problems and affects mental health, physical health, and destroys love and friendship. Therefore, it is better to get rid of it.

The causes of jealousy can be several factors like low self-esteem, heartbreak, fear of losing something or someone, self-doubt, selfishness, bad past, negative experience, etc.

Jealousy arises from fear. Fear of losing something or someone that you love the most. A jealous person always has self-doubts. A jealous person is constantly doubtful about their work, relationships (partner, children, friend, or anyone), etc. Constant display of jealousy only hinders bonds resulting in a series of pain and mistrust.



How To Overcome Jealousy And How To Eliminate The Root Of It?


First, you need to find out why you feel this jealousy? Jealousy is always an indication of a lack of something. And the only way to over it is to determine its cause, and start working on it. Jealousy is a natural emotional response to insecurity and self-doubt. Here are six simple ways to get rid of jealousy.


1. Overcome Your Fear


We don’t want to think about what we’re afraid of. Fear of losing someone, something, and continually thinking about it only makes our fear more powerful, which dominates us. This is the most terrible feeling a person experiences. We don’t know about the future and about what will happen subsequently. Therefore, our fear only reflects negative feelings when we constantly think about our fear.

Strong attachments give rise to fear of loss. And the fear of loss keeps you from enjoying the present moment. Not having a strong attachment does not mean less emotion. It means being more tranquil about the fact that nothing lasts forever, so be realistic.

Be prepared for anything. And enjoy what you have right now. Our fears may not be as scary as it seems to be, so, be realistic. We need to be mentally strong to go beyond our fear to over with jealousy.

Experts advise penning down all your negative emotions, doubts, uncertainty, caused due to jealousy on a piece of paper to express all your fear. Once you’ve ousted out everything, you will realize that all those negative thoughts aren’t as scary as you’ve imagined. You will find them only absurd.


2. Stop Comparing With Others And Start Working On Yourself


Comparison with others means you are occupied with fear of competition. Everyone born here is born unique and beautiful, talented, and smarter in ownself. Each one of us is dealing with their individual problems, some are more fortunate in life some less. Therefore, stay motivated and work towards your aim.

The most important thing to understand is that no matter how strong or envious jealousy is, it can still be overcome. So how can you do this? By working on yourself. That is, by taking your feelings under special control, start to believe in yourself, love yourself, and understand yourself.


3. Be Confident


Evaluate your own insecurities and self-doubt if seeing others progress makes you jealous. Make positive changes in you with confidence to enhance your own life. When you are confident enough, then you will have less reason to be jealous.

Confidence not only helps you to overcome the feeling of jealousy, as well as the reasons for its existence. There are no perfect people in life, all have many flaws. As soon as you pay attention to only the positive qualities of others and begin highlighting them efficiently, your self-esteem rises, and you will feel more confident, and therefore won’t have reasons to be jealous.


4. Control Your Imagination

Jealousy can be directly related to self-esteem. A very jealous person, most likely, suffer from self-doubt and reacts to everything with extreme pain. Don’t think too much or get depressed when someone gets success before you, it’s their hard work. Control your imagination in fact, use it in the right direction.

Treat yourself better. Low self-esteem is the most common cause of jealousy, as already mentioned. To get rid of baseless jealousy, you need to change your attitude for yourself, learn to value and respect your own personality, resources, and abilities.


5. Build A Stronger Connection With Partner


Jealousy is a rancid faction of doubt, possessiveness, distrust, anger, and disgrace. It can grab your mind and can ruin your relationship. A little jealousy in a relationship is okay, but what if it makes yours and your partner’s life miserable? Never try to control your loved one’s life. Learn to trust your partner and give freedom to your loved ones, then they will feel better about you, resulting in the fading of your fears, insecurity, worries, and jealousy.

Anger, jealousy, and other negativity only increase the rift between people, therefore, generate positive feelings with your partner. Maximize your ‘WE time’, go to the cinema, go on vacations, weekend getaways, go to the gym, go on long drives, walks, go fishing, etc.

Even you are separated from your partner, instead of being jealous, or creating hatred for your ex. After separation, accept the fact of the breakup and respect the personal life of your ex. If that person was deceitful, then let go and forgive him. And if there are really any serious issue that can be solved, talk it through before it gets worse, and harmlessly departs yourself from negative emotions and anger.


6. Appreciate What You Have


When jealousy surrounds you, you cannot control yourselves, be irresponsible for your actions, and can’t focus on yourselves. It cloaks you and you do the things you later remember with shame and despair. Hence, if you have life‘s most precious things like food, cloth, shelter, family, and friends, you are wealthy and fortunate. So, celebrate, focus on your life, and appreciate what you have.


Overcoming jealousy isn’t simple, but it’s possible. With the above steps, challenge your thoughts and work on overcoming this hard hurdle called jealousy.


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How To Overcome With Jealousy




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