Get Pink and Bigger Lips Naturally At home

To be honest, features are kind of given naturally they can’t really change the shape or anything. But you can always fake them using makeup.

Getting a lip plumping injection or Surgery is not always the best way to achieve that, as it may have many unpleasant consequences, as well as lead to bad and unsatisfactory results.







6.Do and Don’ts

Above mentioned are basic Steps to make your lips bigger and pink naturally and try them on a daily basis they will really help you get your desired result.

1. Exfoliation

Exfoliation helps in removing the dead skin cells and impurities from your lips making your lips pinker, smoother and softer. Be very gentle on your lips while exfoliating.

Following are some commonly used methods for exfoliating lips:

  • Sugar Scrub

Take powdered sugar and mix it with water and add 2-3 drops of lemon juice in it.

Rub this paste on your lips. Rinse it after 5 minutes.

It may cause a little irritation but later you will get used to it.

  • Tooth-brush 

Take a soft bristles tooth-brush and dip it in warm water then gently rub it on your lips.

You may also spread sugar scrub, honey or Vaseline on your brush.

Do this for few minutes and wash it off.

2. Massages:

Massage is very important to increase blood circulation in order to make your lips bigger.

  • Ice Massage:

Take an ice cube with a cloth and massage it gently on your lips for about 10 minutes.

Wrap a cube of ice in a clean piece of cloth. Massage on lips for about ten minutes a day.  

Daily before going to bed just 2 minutes massage with ice cube can also make your lips beautiful.

After doing this don’t forget to moisturize your lips. 

  • Cinnamon oil massage:

Buy some Cinnamon oil and apply it every day, and it will plump up your lips.

It’s cheap and if you do it every day, it will start to become permanent.

  • Lemon Juice:

Take fresh lime juice and add few drops of water to dilute it.

This is the best methods to get bigger lips and helps in removing any kind of dirt or oil present on your lips.

  • Aloe Vera:

Massaging your lips daily for few minutes with Aloe Vera gel will softer lips.

3. Exercise:

  • Blow the whistle

Well just like flute players, bring your lips together and blow the whistle.

Repeat for about five minutes It’s fun as well as effective.

  • Pout and smile

Pout and then stretch your lips wide, like your smile. Repeat it for five minutes.

Pout and then take your lips to one side and then to the other side giving about five seconds to each side.

  • Side Pout and smile

This one is just like the pout and smile except that instead of pouting you have to press your lips together and then take them from one side to another.

Give five seconds on each side and repeat this exercise at least ten times a day.

Exercises may take about a month to show their results. 

4. Moisturizing:

Lips which are not moisturized become dry, rough and small. So moisture your lips often.

  • Honey

Apply honey on your lips for 20 minutes. 

  • Olive oil

Vitamin E  present in Olive oil helps to moisturize your lips and also makes it softer and smoother.

  • Milk cream

Take some milk cream and apply it directly on your lips leave it for 20-30 minutes and then rinse it off.

This method helps rough and dry lips. 

5. Makeup:

Makeup obviously does not increase the size of your lips but will definitely create an illusion.

See below different ways to apply lipstick which makes your lips look bigger.

  • Use red or magenta, to make your lips more outstanding. Try to avoid brown colors. Pink and red colors of the liner are always soothing.
  • Use a lip liner along with the lipstick. The color of your lip liner should be one or two shades of each other. Smudge liner with your lipstick creating an odd boundary around the lips. 

6. Do and Don’ts:

  • Don’t use your teeth or tongue to torture your lips.
  • Do not bite your lips, not only is it unpleasant to the eye but results in a bad lip shape.
  • Once your meals are complete, take cold water and splash it on lips to sweep off any food deposit.
  • Once you are home, the first thing you must do is clean the lipsticks Keep your lips clean.

Here, almost every possible way both natural and artificial are mentioned to make your lips look bigger, all you need is a dedication and daily care.



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