5 Reasons Why Mom Was Right About Not Ignoring Seafood

5 Reasons Why Mom Was Right About Not Ignoring Seafood – Many kids do not like seafood because of several different reasons. Some kids do not find them interesting because of their color that catches attention, their taste that’s not like anything else, and their look that sometimes make them seem scary. Moreover, one of the biggest reasons why some kids don’t eat seafood is that they are neither chicken nor pork, both of which they are used to having in their regular meals.

This is one of the aspects wherein numerous moms out there experience a struggle and a worry. Their kids do not like eating some or all kinds of seafood, and they are sad and/or mad about it because they know that this food category is essential to human health just as vegetables, fruits and rice are. Aside from the prices of seafood that make them more precious, the benefits kids and people in general could get from seafood is what moms don’t want to waste.

You must know and keep in mind that eating fresh seafood carries loads of rewards. Your mom always insists you to eat the shrimps she prepared and to try tasting the oysters you never attempted touching, and she has heaps of good reasons!


Below are 5 reasons why mom was actually right about not ignoring seafood!


5 Reasons Why Mom Was Right About Not Ignoring Seafood

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First and foremost, as mentioned earlier, seafood help in making and keeping a healthy person. Lots of health boons are present because of the innumerable nutrients they contain. Even if there are various classifications and types of seafood, they all come down to the fact that they are healthy for the body in general. Each of them has specific advantages but ends up with the conclusion of being a healthy pick for your meal’s completion.

Fish is filled with chief nutrients which other kinds of food do not have. They include high-quality protein, iodine, different vitamins and minerals. Oysters support proper blood flow because they can help control blood vessels, and they also take part in weight loss and eyesight improvement. Crabs have Selenium, which has an important function in the human’s antioxidant defense system. They help ward off damage to cells and tissues.

Nutrients fresh seafood hold are too many to mention, but you’re mom was right.



Chicken is so good; it can be found in every restaurant everywhere in the world. That’s also why sometimes, chicken can be tiring and satiating too. It’s that feeling when you don’t hate that food, you just don’t want to eat it at the moment. Sometimes, you are just not in the mood for chicken, beef and pork. If that’s the case, then you’ll know that you can always run to those friendly fresh seafood.

Your mom was right that you should not ignore fresh seafood because when there’s no other option for you to eat, you should just look up and choose them. It’s like having a neighbor who lives just across the street who can adopt you for a while when you left your keys inside your house. Even if seafood aren’t your favorite, at least, you can go to them when you’re tired of the usual food you eat.



There are some places which do not have huge access to supplies of chicken, pork and beef. What’s popular in those areas are either vegetables or seafood or both of them! Some people think that residents of those places are unfortunate for not being able to eat the savory meat and dishes alike that people in the city can, but little do they know that those people are actually fortunate because eating seafood is actually all-important.

Some places, especially provinces, are rich in seafood on their tables. That’s because houses are near seas, oceans and other bodies of water where they can catch and gather them. That means they can prepare fresh seafood anytime of the day without needing to go to the market and purchase them for expensive prices.

For example, you are volunteering as a helper for a certain project that is located in a far province wherein the people get their food from the sea. If you eat seafood, you’ll easily get along with the people and you won’t suffer from hunger! You can stay there longer than expected because you got no problem with food.

On the other hand, people who do not eat and do not like seafood and are very much used to chicken and pork will surely find it difficult to stay there even for a short time unless they jump out of their comfort zones and comfort food, and into food they don’t like or have never tried before.

If you eat seafood, you will be able to easily adjust and adapt to environments like those areas of the world. You won’t have to be a picky eater wherever you go. You’ll just eat whatever seafood is served on the table. You can be flexible regardless of the place or the kind of living. You won’t get hungry because you can eat whatever food there is, be it chicken meat or fish meat.

You’ll truly realize how right your mom really was when she said you should eat seafood, so you can live just anywhere in the world.



Seafood, just like the other food categories you eat, can be served in many different styles. You can create different meals out of any type of them. You can be very creative when preparing and presenting them. You can enjoy whatever look you like for your seafood meal.

You can combine it with other ingredients and food categories too. You can put scallops and shrimps on top of pizzas. You can include fish or crab in your pasta. You can put squids on sticks and add lemons! You can be as inventive as you want!

Merely eating your food and just getting full are not the same as really enjoying, having a good time and appreciating your food. The experience is also important, and it is to be remembered not only by your taste buds but by your heart.

This is also one of the reasons why many people are in love with seafood! This is why some people who didn’t like seafood at first, now finds pleasure in them! They have their own cooking styles that made them love seafood unlike before!

Your mom also has amazing ways of turning a seemingly boring seafood to your favorite seafood meal! Trust her; she knows!



One of the features most common to all seafood is their Omega-3 fatty acids content, and that basically makes them vital to human health.

Omega-3 fatty acids are abundant in facets which are valuable for heart and brain health. They are unsaturated fatty acids that aid in the reduction of inflammation in every part of the body. Why is it important to ease inflammation? It’s because your blood vessels can get wrecked through it, and that’s when strokes happen and heart illnesses begin. Aside from that, Omega-3 fatty acids also take part in shrinking blood clotting, moderately decreasing blood pressure, lessening irregular heartbeats and preventing risks of heart failure.

These unsaturated fatty acids are crucial so that brain activities and development can occur and continue normally. They can help improve brain function for memory problems. According to Health Fitness Revolution, recent research has shown a significant connection between eating food rich in omega-3 fatty acids and the risk of depression. It has found that doing so can reduce the possibilities and also treat depression eventually.

Fresh seafood definitely contain diverse health benefits, so your mom isn’t lying when she said they are nutritious!


You might be annoyed now because of how your mom insists you eat the seafood she prepares, but you will soon realize how fundamental they are! Seafood isn’t like any other food. Their tastes and looks are different, as well as the great nutrients and joy they bring! They are truly unique, and that’s also maybe one of the reasons why some people are afraid of trying them. Keep in mind however that there’s greatness in the uniqueness of fresh seafood.


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