How To Stay Fit During Work From Home

In this post, we have summed up effective ways to stay fit during Work From Home. Ever since the Lockdown has been applied in some countries due to Corona, many people are advised to work from home during this crisis. While there is an additional perk working from home, work from home can not be that easy for few people. You don’t get that office environment to support performing your job when you work from home. We keep gazing at the watch, kitchen, refrigerator, television, and bed. Besides, the continual interruptions because of the mobile, doorbell, and of course our children.

With so many interruptions along with workload, it’s not easy to remain stress-free at times. Additionally, if you just sit constantly without much physical activity and do your work, there’s a high chance you will put on belly fat. What can be done to stay mentally and physically fit during Work From Home, so that you can keep those extra weights at bay?


How To Stay Fit During Work From Home


How To Stay Fit During Work From Home



The legendary Greek philosopher Aristotle has quoted Man, as a social animal. Therefore, it is natural and obvious to get bored, and frustrated while working from home and staying indoors all the time. But, there are also several benefits to working from home. You don’t have to drive your car to work, you don’t have to pay at your canteen, and you can cut off other work-related expenses too. Additionally, while working from home, you can also take care of your children, you get to eat right, and can do hassle-free house duties at your own time, without freaking out about your office timings. If you put in a little effort to stay active and make healthy choices, working from home can be beneficial for you. Keep reading this post to find out those effective ways to stay fit while working from home.


11. Ways To Stay Fit During Work From Home


1. Plan Your Day And Your Work In Advance

When working from home, it’s clear to get trapped in working all day, be it your house chores or office work from home. This might hinder your daily routines and can interrupt your family time. The best solution to this is by planning both your day and work. This will also help you prioritize your work. Create a timetable, from starting time to end time, and follow it rigorously. Keep your personal life and work-life separate. Start your day early and finish your household activities. Create your workspace and assign a particular place to work. To conquer laziness, get ready like a professional before you hit your study table or desk where you have to start working from home. Identify and prioritize your work based on importance and need.


2. Cook Meals In Advance

Cook your meal in advance before you catch your workspace so
that you and your family eat on time healthily, and you stay energized while working. With this, you can also save money by ordering you something to eat. Shop for your daily essentials on weekends or holidays to avoid running out of stock for your meals. Cook healthy food during the week, add fruits and veggies to your diet.


3. Increase Soluble Fiber Intake

You should include food rich in soluble fiber in your diet as they absorb calories easily, promote good health, help in digestion, and prevent diseases. Soluble fiber can also help maintain good cholesterol levels in the blood and also stabilize glucose levels. It blocks fats from being absorbed and decreases the digestion rate of other nutrients. Include food sources rich in soluble fiber, like oat bran, green beans, legumes, potatoes, cauliflowers, peas, brussels sprouts, barley, nuts, flax seeds, beans, lentils, peas, oats, avocados, apples, strawberries, and citrus fruits.


4. Avoid Trans-Fatty Acids Foods

Trans fatty acids foods are made with liquid oils turning into solid fats by hydrogenation, which increases the shelf life and flavor in foods. The fats in such food items may raise the risk of heart disease and an increase in LDL or bad cholesterol without an analogous growth in HDL or good cholesterol. Frozen food, snacks, cookies, cakes, fast food, and refrigerated dough products are high in Trans fatty acids. Besides, if you consume more trans-fatty food items, you may gain weight or belly fat. Therefore, eat right and have meals only when you are hungry. Take small bites and chew your food properly to obtain the maximum benefits of healthy food you eat.


5. Frequent Micro Breaks

Microbreaks are short breaks you require from your work during the workday. Breaks are a natural energy booster. A microbreak is for a few minutes, can be just standing up, stretching, or grabbing a coffee. Microbreaks are essential for wellbeing and good productivity, and eye, back, neck, arms, foot, and muscle comfort. Frequent microbreaks for five to ten minute after every two hours is sufficient, to reduce the screen time, improve concentration, feel energized, and remain motivated towards your work.


6. Make Time For Warm-Up

While you take micro-breaks, walk around the house, take stairs to walk around your garden, corridor, or terrace for it is essential to stay physically active during work from home, as it boosts blood circulation and improves metabolism. Additionally, you can simply warm up near your workspace. Just stretch your muscles, practice breathing exercises, and relax your eyes, neck, and back. Moreover, take some time to exercises like skipping, pushups, light jogging, walking, Surya namaskar, planks, squats, etc. Practice yoga and meditation for mental and physical wellbeing.


7. No Television And Social Media While Working

While working from home, it’s easy to stay active on social media or play your favorite show or movie on television in the background. But it can be distracting problematic while working. It can ruin your consistency and purpose of work from home. Therefore, limit your time and switch off your television and all notifications while working from home.


8. Say No To Smoking And Alcohol

Alcohol and smoking can weaken the body’s immunity and productivity. They affect your ability to work, decision-making power, learning powder, and task performance ability. Additionally, they are the cause of delay in work. They are not only harmful to your health but also for your mental health and economy.


9. Stay Hydrated

Hydration specialists recommend drinking water every fifteen minutes. It keeps you well hydrated, maintains your body temperature, prevent constipation, eliminate bacteria, and wean off heart, and metabolic disorders. While working from home, drink water at regular intervals. Drink fruit juice and avoid too much tea or coffee intake to stay healthy and maintain the function of every organ of your body.


10. Get Adequate Sleep

Sleeplessness can increase your intake of tea and coffee. It can affect your health, hormone levels, mood, and also weight. Adequate sleep is a necessity for every individual for the proper functioning of the brain and body. 7-8 hours of sound sleep is essential for mindful living and creativity. A sound sleep will be responsible to plan a productive day when working from home. Adequate sleep enhances memory power, productivity, knowledge, and the immune system. It also reduces stress, anxiety, depression, and insomnia.


11. Remain Stress-Free

Being fit doesn’t only mean physical fitness but also mental wellbeing. Do not let your responsibilities and work affect your mental health. Stress is the cause of many problems including anger, depression, high blood pressure, anxiety, irritability,  heart disease, etc. Follow all the above-mentioned ways rigorously to stay stress-free, healthy, and fit during your work from home.


During this time of anxiety, our health needs utmost care. So, whatever the situation may be, try to stay fit and healthy. These are 11 effective ways to stay fit during work from home. Make your health and mental well-being your priority along with your work with few changes in your lifestyle.


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11. Ways To Stay Fit During Work From Home











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