8 Things To Avoid After A Meal

Our lifestyle has a great impact on our bodies. So changing lifestyle needs a change in our diet and eating habits too. Often, we do some tasks after a meal, which slows down the digestion process. This leads to indigestion of food. Due to this, we become a victim of many diseases. Let’s know, what are those things to avoid after a meal so our health doesn’t get affected.


Things to Avoid After a Meal


We always try to maintain a good lifestyle, so that our body remains fit and healthy. It’s said that lifestyle has a profound effect on our bodies. Irregular eating and overeating can also cause many diseases in the body. For a healthy body, taking nutritious food on time is not just enough. It is also important that the food you eat digests properly and your body can absorb all the nutrients from the food you eat. Working women prefer a diet low in carbohydrates but high in proteins so they don’t be a victim of obesity. However, many of us fail to understand the importance of being healthy even after eating. Most of the food we eat does not harm us. But, sometimes this doesn’t happen and the reason behind this can be your after-meal habits. Your health suffers the consequences of these habits. Let’s know what are these habits and try to avoid them to fight the harm it causes to our health.


8. Things to Avoid After a Meal


1. Avoid sleeping immediately after a meal


Things to Avoid After a Meal - sleeping



  • It is necessary to have a gap of around 2-3 hours between a meal and your sleep. Sleeping immediately after a meal is a sign of laziness. It’s a very bad habit.
  • Many people like to sleep immediately after eating. They don’t realize its harmful to their health.
  • Going to bed immediately after a meal can restrict the proper digestion of the food which turns into fat. It can further lead to obesity, gastric problems, and infections in the intestines.


2. Avoid taking a shower immediately after a meal


Things to Avoid After a Meal - taking shower



  • After eating, blood circulation is higher near the stomach. The temperature of your body changes with the shower. It delays the digestion of the meal as blood circulates towards the other parts of your body instead of supporting digestion.
  • As a result, this slows down the digestion process. So, do not go for a bath immediately after a meal. It is advisable to wait at least for an hour after any meal before bathing.


3. Avoid long Walks


Things to Avoid After a Meal - walking



  • Walking is one of the good exercises that keep you healthy. But long walks immediately after eating can be harmful. Do not go for long walks immediately after eating food, it affects the body’s blood circulation. Long-distance walking can slow down your digestion. This results in the insufficient absorption of the nutrients from your food.
  • Instead, walk for only 10 minutes after a meal if necessary. Or, take a walk one hour later of eating and do not walk for more than 30 minutes. This will prevent acidity and digest your food easily and you will also not feel sluggish.


4. Smoking


Things to Avoid After a Meal - smoking



  • Smoking is very harmful to health and smoking immediately after eating can be more harmful. After eating, one cigarette is equal to ten cigarettes. That means ten times fatal. After a meal, the blood circulation of your body increases to fastens the digestion process.
  • Cigarette contains nicotine that damages the digestive gland, kidney, brain, heart, and lungs. It can also cause an ulcer in the stomach. Cigarettes also increase the risk of lung cancer. Moreover, smoking immediately after eating can cause acidity and gastric problems. Cigarettes are deadly, do not take it anyway, but if necessary, take it two hours after eating.


5. Drinking Tea or Coffee after a Meal


Things to Avoid After a Meal - tea coffee



  • Some people consume tea or coffee after eating. They gradually get used to it and it becomes a habit which is harmful to your health. For women with iron and calcium deficiency, this habit can be more harmful. So do not take tea and coffee immediately after eating food.
  • Tea contains polyphenols which contain tannins. Tannins hinder metabolism and digestion which restricts the absorption of iron from the food. They drop down the healthy nutrients of the food if taken after a meal. Besides, Tea leaves are acidic propellant which causes acidity. Also, coffee contains caffeine, which hinders iron absorption from the food, causing an iron deficiency. This habit can be dangerous for anemic people. If you have a habit to take tea or coffee along with your food then start taking it after two-three hours of eating.


6. Eating Fruits


Things to Avoid After a Meal eating fruits



  • Fruits contain large amounts of acids, glucose, fructose, starch. If you eat fruit after eating, it can get stuck in the food and slows down the digestion. The nutrient of both food and fruits won’t be absorbed properly if you eat fruits along with food or after food. Also, it may cause indigestion, heaviness in the stomach, gas, or acidity.
  • Eating fruit immediately after eating can also cause overeating. This leads to obesity. So, it is advisable to eat fruits for at least one hour after or before eating. A better option is to eat them an empty stomach in the breakfast to stay energized all day.


7. Drinking cold Water


Things to Avoid After a Meal - cold water



  • Do not drink cold water in the middle of the meal and immediately after a meal. Drinking cold water is not good for your health. Coldwater solidifies the oily stuff of your food inside your body. Also, it slows down the digestion of food.
  • Instead, consume lukewarm water after eating. It is beneficial because it removes toxins from the body through urination. And it protects your body from many diseases.


8. Exercising


9 Things to Avoid After a Meal - excercise



  • Short distance 10 minutes walking is an ideal exercise after a meal but, a heavy workout is not a healthy idea. Exercising after a meal can also interfere with your sleep.
  • Moreover, your body will be active in the digestion of food. So, you may feel inactive while exercising. Also, it increases the chances of cramps and stomach pains.


Reference: doctor.ndtv.com


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4 Responses

  1. These are very interesting. I am not sure I believe some of them. We eat fruit as the last part of our meal and if anything, it causes us to eat less because we leave room for it.

  2. Interesting read. I lived in China and now drink hot water (not tea just hot/warm water) it does seem to help my digestion and it’s calming. I do go for walks after dinner.

  3. So, regarding your last point. It’s advised that you should eat something at least an hour before gym. Is the one hour enough to digest food enough before working out?

    • According to experts, taking light snacks before a workout is considered good as it helps in higher fat burning in the body. While working out after a meal is not advisable and you should wait for at least an hour to start your workout because your body needs time to digest the food you consumed and that requires energy and increased blood circulation around your stomach. However, It’s always good to seek expert advice before you begin your workout routine. Thanks, for reading.

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