Bamboo Silica Uses, Benefits, and Side effects

In this post, I’m going to talk about Bamboo Silica Uses, Benefits, and Side effects. But before I go into that, let me tell you what is bamboo silica and how it is obtained?


What is Bamboo Silica?

Bamboo Silica is a white crystalline substance that is extracted from stems of a female Bamboo plant named Bambusa Arudinica that is found in India. It is a kind of herbal silica comprised of 70% silica, and other elements like moisture, lime, peroxide of iron, alumina, and potash. Bamboo Silica was largely exported from India during the ancient period. It is obtained from bamboo shoots. But all bamboo shoots do not contain them. Bamboo is dried after cutting and then bamboo stems are split to obtain Bamboo silica.

Bamboo silica is water-soluble and has enormous therapeutic and medicinal uses in Ayurveda. The other names of Bamboo silica are Vanslochan, banslochan, bamboo manna, bamboo sugar, bamboo camphor, and tabasheer.


Bamboo Silica: Uses, Benefits, and Side effects


Bamboo Silica Uses and Benefits


Bamboo silica is used for the production of Therapeutic and Ayurvedic medicines that are used in disorders related to lungs, reproductive organs, and respiratory ailments. Plant-based Bamboo Silica is the richest source of silica than meat or dairy products. The following are some other Benefits of Bamboo Silica,

  • Fights hair problems and promotes hair growth.
  • Enhances the flexibility and appearance of skin.
  • Reduces wrinkles and dry skin.
  • Cures problem of brittle nails and strengthens nails.
  • It is helpful in the growth and development of teeth, gums, nerves, bones, and muscles.
  • Eliminates blockage from the mind, lungs, and heart.
  • It is effective in chronic inflammatory ailments, arthritis, osteoporosis, and low bone density.
  • Strengthens body immunity and overall health.
  • It helps to gain weight.
  • Purifies the renal system.
  • Good in calcium and iron deficiency.
  • Taking in a limited amount can help in pica disorder (eating non-food items like slate pencils, mud, or clay).
  • It provides relief in cough, chest disorders, respiratory problems, and Alzheimer’s.
  • It is helpful to treat infertility.


Side effects of Bamboo Silica


Even though Bamboo Silica has many uses and benefits it is advisable to use it according to your medical history and as per your doctor’s advice. The excess of Bamboo Silica may cause side-effects so always take your prescribed dose. Some side effects of bamboo silica can be Fatigue, Blurred Vision, Anxiety, Constipation, or Depression. Because artificial Bamboo Silica is also available in the market, always buy a genuine product to avoid health risks. Avoid use during pregnancy, breastfeeding, thyroid disorders, and consult the doctor.

Because of its availability and cost, original Bamboo silica is rare in the market. As a substitute, synthetic Bamboo silica is used to make medicines. However, its composition, properties, and health benefits differ from the original product.



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