Color Your Hair Naturally At Home

Want to Color your hair and hide your greys naturally? Try out these simple natural remedies and color your hair naturally at home with natural ingredients.


Hair adds beauty to our overall personality and enhances our attractiveness. Today’s epoch is the age of fashion. In which everyone wants to look different and attractive. And in this desire of looking attractive, coloring hair has become a passion.

Hair coloring and highlights in-salon depend on the salon, the length of your hair, and the type of highlights you want. Styling is done with chemical-based products that loosen not only our pockets but, also our hair quality. Sometimes the color that we use in our hair is harmful to our skin too. Besides, people use a variety of chemical hair products to color them. This sometimes can cause side effects for several people. They cause skin infections and skin-related diseases if not taken care of.

If you also want to color your hair but are afraid of chemical-based hair products, then you can color your hair in natural ways at the very comfort of your house. In this post, we have listed 7 easy tricks to color your hair naturally at home with simple ingredients that can not only color your hair as but also cause no side effects from it. Hair coloring with these natural ingredients will also make your hair beautiful, shiny, and smooth. Keep reading to know about those natural ingredients.


7 Simple Tricks To Color Your Hair Naturally At Home With Natural Ingredients


Color your hair naturally at home with natural ingredients


1. Use Coffee


Coffee is one thing that is effectively accessible in our homes. Compound caffeine found in coffee, can repair hair, promote hair growth, and prevent hair loss. Coffee triggers the hair roots by enhancing their composition and growth. Also, it can make your hair smooth and manageable. It also works awesome in case you’re hoping to get darker hairs, cover grays.

Make a strong coffee and cool it down and blend it with conditioner, Apply this blend to your hair and leave it for 60 minutes. It gives a delightful coffee shading to your hair with no harm to your hair. Another method is as follows. Wash your hair and after that pour coffee-water mixture over your hair. Leave it for 20 minutes. Use apple juice vinegar to rinse your hair after coloring, it will help the shading last more.


2. Tea


Tea contains strong anti-inflammatory properties, that soothe an irritated scalp. It removes dead skin cells from the scalp, which can hinder hair follicles and clog them causing dandruff or itchy scalp.

Like coffee, Concentrated tea can help you get darker hairs, and can likewise help cover grey hairs. Do remember that tea gives a normal shading. The more you leave the tea on the hair, the darker the shading will be. You can also apply the cooled tea to hair with a blend of conditioner.


3. Use Beet Juice To Color Your Hair Naturally At Home


Beetroot contains protein, calcium, vitamin A that can promote healthy hair growth. It also tightens the pores and diminishes itchy scalp and hair fall.

Take some beetroot as per your hair length and puree them. Rinse your hair with water and condition. For a more rosy tinge, use more beet juice. Rinse the juice out, and seal your color with an apple juice vinegar splash later and then shampoo your hair.


4. Carrot Juice


Carrots are rich in vitamin A that makes your hair healthier, longer, and thicker. Carrots juice boost blood circulation and limit the growth of grey hair.

Take some carrot juice as per your hair length. Rinse hair with water and condition and apply carrot juice to your hair. The carrot will create a calmer ruddy orange shade on your hair.


5. Henna


Henna or mehendi assists in maintaining the pH of the scalp to original acid-alkaline, resulting in stimulating the hair follicles. The natural nourishing properties of henna repair dry and damaged hair. It also nourishes hair, and scalp and makes your hair shiny, soft, and manageable.

A  most prominent remedy is to apply organic powdered henna to your hair. Henna leaves have a characteristic and viable shading color that has been used for many years to color hair.

Blend some henna powder with 2 glasses of water and one lemon juice and apply it to your hair. Keep henna on your hair for 2-3 hours and let it dry. Later wash it with water.


6. Lemon Juice


The high vitamin C content in lemon juice can accelerate hair growth by raising the production of collagen, which is rich in amino acids necessary for producing keratin, a protein that forms hair. Lemon juice also promotes scalp hygiene and unblocks the hair follicles that cause dandruff and hair fall.

Searching to do a couple of highlights in your hair? Rinsing your hair with lemon juice will give you light blonde hair color. Lemon juice also helps to expel damage caused by cleanser or styling items and eliminates dandruff.


7. Tomato


Tomatoes are a good source of Vitamins like A, B, C, and E that promote healthy hair, prevent hair loss, provide natural shine and hair hygiene. The acidic nature of tomato juice also helps regulate scalp odor and dandruff.

Take tomatoes as per your hair length and blend them. Apply this blend to your hair and let it dry out in 1 to 3 hours and later wash your hair with water followed by a condition. Tomatoes will give a red shading to your hair.


As we age, the pigment cells in our hair follicles gradually start fading. As a result, the hair strand will no longer hold needed melanin and thus our hair appears transparent in color. Besides, stress can also gray your hair untimely. Stress affects the stem cells that renew hair pigments.

A stress-free life and eating adequate protein are essential for health. hair. Because hair follicles are composed of protein, a diet rich in proteins boosts natural hair growth. Besides, a water-soluble vitamin called Biotin is equally necessary for keratin formation. Keratin is a fibrous structural protein needed for the growth of hair, nails, skin, etc. Include legumes, egg yolks, nuts, seeds, mushrooms, avocados, sweet potatoes, in your diet they are a few examples of natural sources of biotin.


Tell us how often you color your hair and which method you use? Also, if you know some other tricks to color your hair naturally at home tell us in the comments below.


Color Your Hair Naturally At Home




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