15 Easy And Useful Kitchen Tips and Tricks

Know 15 useful kitchen tips and tricks here, which will not only speed up your cooking, but they will help you in making delicious food.

While most men and women have a hobby of cooking and enjoy cooking, some find it exhausting. Women, cooks, and bachelors living alone do a tedious task in the kitchen. Housekeeping and cooking are not easy tasks. Taking care of daily household routine along with breakfast, lunch, and dinner is not an easy job. Apart from this, snack time, children’s favorite food and cooking for the guests should also be taken care of. And if there is a slight delay in the kitchen work, the blame is also given to the housewife. If the taste of the food is not good, then the trouble increases even more, and for these reasons, it is crucial to know about the kitchen tips and tricks, which will make your cooking work a little easier. So below are effective and easy kitchen tips and tricks that everyone must know.


15 Useful Kitchen Tips and Tricks


15 Easy Kitchen Tips and Tricks


1. Line-up below the refrigerator crisper drawer with paper sheets to extend vegetable freshness. This enables them to absorb the extra dampness that causes vegetables to spoil.

2. When you require just a few drops of lemon juice, avoid slicing it down from the middle, it will dry the lemon out rapidly that way. Rather, puncture the lemon top with a fork and press out precisely what you require.

3. To preserve herbs fresh, store them washed and sealed in plastic bags in the freezer. When you need them, they will be easier to chop, and they will defrost the minute u put them in a hot pan.

4. To repel bugs from your flour container or rice container put a bay leaf into it.

5. In case you burn food in a vessel, Place chopped onion in the vessel to get rid of the sticky crust. Pour boiling water and let it stand for five minutes. Watch how the vessel comes out clean in no time.

6. Has yogurt turned sour? Put it in a muslin cloth to strain its way. Simply add milk to the curd to restore its fresh taste.

7. Too much salt in your dish? Add a few teaspoons of milk to bring the taste back to normal. If you do not want the dish to be too diluted, adding a raw potato will help too.

8. Put 2 tablespoons of cooked rice into the batter of dosa while preparing dosas. You will notice that the dosa will flip easily and is much crisper.

9. When you want to keep any plate of salad fresh for a night party, first chill the bowl or plate in which you need to serve. This will keep your salad fresh for a longer time.

10. While making the cabbage putting a bay leaf will eliminate its smell while cooking and will also enhance its taste and give a subtle flavor.

11. Dunk an orange or tomato in high-temperature water for a moment or two and afterward in icy water for a similar measure of time to remove its peel easily.

12. When making butter at home, you will get buttermilk as the leftover product. Boil this buttermilk over medium heat, and you will get homemade paneer.

13. For milder chapatis, add a teaspoon oil to the flour and work the mixture with warm water. Rest the batter in a secured bowl for no less than 15 minutes.

14. On the off chance that a dal or curry has turned out to be over-salted, add a large portion of peeled crude potato and stew for a couple of minutes. The potato will absorb the abundance of salt.

15. When boiling milk, spread ghee (clarified butter) on the edges of the vessel to avoid overflow.


Food provides essential body nutrients that give energy for the functioning and growth of overall body and body organs. It also contributes to proper functions of the body activities like respiration, digestion, growth, and development of cells, wear and tear of cells, breathing, digesting food, and maintaining a healthy immune system.

Kitchen tips and tricks are essential to know, not only for household kitchens but also for businesses and restaurants. Moreover, it not only improves food quality but lower hazardous foods, ensures safety, and hygiene. All these practices are vital to sustaining health.


Tell us in the comment section below what kitchen tips and tricks you follow and how you found these tips and tricks. Till then happy cooking :).


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