7 Easy Home Remedies For Back Pain

These days the problem of back pain has become very common. Not only the older age people are facing it, but also the youths. The main reason for back pain is our lifestyle, physical work, obesity, and weakness. This problem is also because of aging. However, most people recover from it in 2 to 3 days while in some people this problem persists longer. Most people feel pain in the middle or lower part of their waist, which results in difficulty in working. Let us know today how you can get rid of back pain by adopting some natural and easy home remedies for back pain.

Back pain gives great trouble while working. It’s because of our poor daily routine and lifestyle. People around the world experiences various problems like obesity, stress, and back pain. It is due to a changing and unstable lifestyle. The severe pain in the back, lower back, or near the spinal cord makes the person feels helpless. Often, the cause of back pain is physical weakness and calcium deficiency. According to statistical data, the majority of people with back pain are office workers. And amongst them, the greater number is of the women. By keeping in mind a few things you can get rid of back pain easily. Let us see some important facts about back pain, and know what are its causes and symptoms.


Causes of Back Pain


The back consists of many interconnecting bones, muscles, ligaments, and joints. Strain, sprain, or rupture in any of these structures results in the problem of back pain. Besides, obesity, arthritis, stress, poor posture, can worsen back pain. Back pain is also associated with body illness. Apart from this few more causes of back pain are listed below.

  • The main reasons for having back pain or lower back pain are not sitting and sleeping in the right position.
  • Sitting and working in the same posture for a longer period.
  • The habit of using or working on gadgets for a long time without any form of body movement and taking care of postures. This can cause strain in the muscles of the neck and waist leading to back pain.
  • Back pain can also be an indicator of weak bones.
  • In women, back pain is mainly due to the problem of fibromyalgia or the lack of estrogen. In some cases, a tumor in the uterus can also cause back pain.
  • It is good to be fashionable, but wearing tight clothes or accessories can stress your waist area. Tight jeans and belts discomfort your body resulting in obstruction in blood circulation. This causes many problems including back pain.
  • While exercising and lifting heavyweight can stretch your muscles which leads to a backache. A careless technique of exercising without the guidance of an instructor can cause back pain.
  • Obesity is often found to be the main reason for back pain. So try to maintain your body weight in proportion to your gender and height for healthy living.


Symptoms of Back Pain


The following symptoms are the warning signs to be alert and take precautionary steps before you get long-term back pain.

  • Severe pain or stiffness in the waist which you get relief only when you lie down.
  • A sudden increase in body temperature.
  • Swelling and insensibility near the back.
  • Pain in the knees and legs.
  • Having difficulty doing household chores and lifting the weight.
  • The gradual increase in the back pain along with the day.


7. Easy Home Remedies For Back Pain

Easy Home Remedies For Back Pain


The following are simple and easy home remedies for back pain to get relief from back pain. These precautionary measures can help you to protect your waist from serious and long-term back pain.


1. Coconut Oil and Garlic


Coconut oil and Garlic Easy Home Remedies For Back Pain


How to Use

  • Coconut oil and garlic contain natural painkilling and anti-inflammatory properties. They provide relief in severe back pain.
  • Heat 2 cups of coconut oil in a pan. Take 10 to 15 garlic cloves and peel and break them into small pieces.
  • Add all the garlic buds into warm coconut oil and heat until the garlic cloves change their color to dark brown.
  • Once the oil is ready, filter it, let it cool and store it in a small bottle.
  • Massage with this oil before bath and before bed. Massage your waist with this oil for 10-15 minutes. It cures back pain.
  • Repeat this for every use.


2. Herbal Tea


Herbal Tea Easy Home Remedies For Back Pain


How to Use

  • Heat two cups of water in a pan and add 1/2 teaspoon black pepper powder, 5 cloves grounded powder. Add 1 teaspoon of dry ginger powder, a pinch of turmeric, and 7-8 crushed basil leaves and bring them to boil.
  • Drink this herbal spicy tea twice a day to get relief in severe lower back pain.
  • Ginger has natural painkilling properties that can eliminate back pain. Turmeric also reduces pain and inflammation. While basil relaxes all the upset muscles of your back.


3. Salt


Salt Easy Home Remedies For Back Pain


How to Use

  • This is the simplest remedy amongst all the home remedies for back pain. All you need is a thick cotton fabric and some salt.
  • Take a flat pan, add 8-10 tablespoon of salt to it and warm it.
  • Take a thick cotton cloth and fill this warm salt in its middle and tie it all upper ends and form a bundle.
  • Now place this cloth on the affected part of your waist and slowly compress it. This remedy gives great relief from back pain.


4. Cinnamon


Cinnamon Easy Home Remedies For Back Pain


How to Use

  •  Mix 1/2 teaspoon of raw cinnamon powder with one teaspoon of organic honey. Start taking this mixture twice a day empty stomach.
  • Use this home remedy daily for one month to get relief in back pain.
  • Cinnamon lessens inflammation and is very effective in back pain and arthritis.


5. Hot Water Bottle


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How to Use

  • Hot water bottles or heat therapy is the most common remedy amongst the list of home remedies for back pain. It’s been used since ancient times for medication and pain relief. I always prefer this simple remedy whenever I’ve got back pain.
  • A hot water bottle is a rubber bag filled with hot water and sealed with a cork on top. It provides warmth to a specific body part or the back while in pain.
  • Keep in mind to not fill the bag with boiling water. Otherwise, it can damage the material of the bag or can burn your skin badly. Always check for leakage before leaning on it otherwise it can burst.


6. Calcium-Rich Diet



  • Women, often, complain about back pain it is a result of calcium deficiency. Calcium absorption decreases in the body with aging. Back Pain can be also caused due to weakness in the body. Take a calcium-rich diet to provide proper nutrients to your body.
  • Eat green leafy vegetables, fresh fruits, milk, fruit juices, nuts, salads. Include tomatoes, cabbage, beetroot, cucumber, cucumber, spinach, carrot, fruits in your diet.


7. Yoga or Exercise



  • Yoga and exercising also benefit you in back pain. The practice of back-bending postures such as Bhujangasan, Shalabhasan, Makrassan, Garudasan, is beneficial for back pain. Practice Yoga under the guidance of a qualified Yoga Guru or trainer. Also, yoga is good for your overall health. It improves respiration and helps in respiratory illnesses.
  • Apart from Yoga, walking, cycling, swimming are safe exercises for back pain. Always warm up before exercising. By regular exercising, your muscles of the waist and body will gain strength. It will also keep you fit and control your weight.


Other Tips for Back Pain


  • While lifting heavyweight does not bend from your waist. Instead, bend your knees then lift them and straighten the knees again.
  • Do not sit laying on your back while doing work in the office. Lay your back and neck straight on the chair. If necessary, put a cushion behind your back.
  • Choose the right comfortable clothes that are not tight around your waist.
  • If you work for hours on a computer then do not sit continuously in the same position because you may have to face both neck and back pain. Take a break for a little while and refresh yourself with a short walk.
  • Do not wear sandals with high heels regularlyIt can cause back pain and muscle spasm.
  • Remain active and avoid prolonged bedtime throughout the day.
  • Maintain proper sitting posture both at home and in the office.
  • Sleep on a mattress that’s not too hard. Go for a medium firmness mattress. Your body will provide uniform pressure on it while sleeping. This prevents back pain and curving your spinal cord.


You can get relief by adopting these home remedies for back pain. Also, don’t forget to consult your doctor for any severe or acute pain for a longer time.


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