Skin Care Tips for Monsoon Season

Monsoons are heading bringing dampness and humidity along. The oily and sleek skin appearance is completely ugly. Regardless of what our skin type is this wet season takes a toll on every one of us. Basically, pollution, dirt, dust, grime and UV rays are the essential reasons why our skin is more inclined to higher harm. All new set of issue arises in the Rainy season despite the fact that the temperature is low.

Common Skin Problems caused during Monsoon


Skin infections


Bacterial and fungal infections can be extremely troubling. Rashes, staining of skin, ringworm is alternate issues faced by many of us during the rains.

Oily Skin


It’s an unfortunate time for women having oily skin. In spite of the fact that the heat is gone and the climate is cool, our skin has a tendency to end up looking oily resulting in occasional breakouts.


Dry Skin


Dry skin is prone to become drier and dehydrated especially in rainy season.



Healthy Skincare Tips for Monsoon Season


Keep Your Skin Dry


Getting wet eventually in this season is unavoidable. This is the reason you should wipe your skin dry as quickly as possible to remove dampness and avoid skin infections.

Drink Enough Water


In spite of the fact that there is water all around, your skin has a tendency to dry out because we tend to drink less water as we don’t feel thirsty. This leads to the dry and patchy skin so we should drink enough water and stay hydrated.

Limit Excessive amount of Coffee And Alcohol


Drinking excessive amounts of coffee and liquor can dehydrate our skin and fastens skin aging. Also, too much coffee can cause acidity.Beauty isn’t about outer appearance only eat right. If you are healthy inside, it will show on your face. Incorporate Omega-3 supplements into your diet.

Don’t Forget to use Sunscreen


It’s clouded and pouring the majority of the times, yet keep in mind that the sun is still out there with its skin-hurting UV rays. So don’t skip applying sunscreen regularly before stepping out.

Stay away from Long Hot Baths


A hot shower appears to be so welcoming in this season but boiling water takes out the moisture of our Skin and can harm the sensitive skin all over and can even result in redness of skin if you are prone to it. Instead, take a lukewarm shower.

Use A Deep Cleansing Scrub


Cleansing, moisturizing is highly important as it will give you a fresher look. Many individuals feel that their skin gets oily during monsoon. A deep cleansing scrub routine once a week can make skin feel fresh and healthy. Bump into the detox facial packs; it is just the right time to use them.


Don’t Sleep With Makeup On


Try not to Wear Heavy Make Up. Laying down with cosmetics can block your skin pores and harms your skin structure. In addition, rainy season causes more dirt accumulation on our skin. That is the reason wash all cosmetics off before you go to bed. During monsoon all our skin truly needs is to relax and breathe which is hindered by the excessive use of cosmetics. Your ultimate motto for the monsoons should be – less is more.
Do take proper care of your skin by these simple tricks and enjoy the rainy season without stressing over your looks.
Skin Care Tips for Monsoon Season

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