Quick Tips About Rainy Season Diseases And Prevention

The rainy season brings joy to all human beings and animals. Everyone loves this season because it provides great relief from the summer heat. The rainy season brings greenery to the dry deserted land, and water to dry lakes and rivers. The season of rain, not only brings happiness to us but also brings many diseases from children to adults. Many waterborne diseases come along with the rainwater accumulated in puddles which makes people sick. If we exercise some precautionary measures then we can prevent the rainy season diseases. So, let’s know some quick tips about rainy season diseases and prevention to avoid these diseases.


Quick Tips about Rainy Season Diseases and Prevention | Women Community Online


Causes Of Rainy Season Diseases

The main cause of disease in the rainy season are the moist breeze. The moist wind also carries the bacteria and pathogenic microbes and germs with them. Due to the exposure to which, we become prey to various waterborne diseases like Typhoid, Hepatitis A, Diarrhoea, and skin problems like ringworm, boils, itching, etc. The viral infections are also spread when we come in contact with the person suffering from it. So, if any of our family members, is caught by the viral infection then there’s a high risk that it can spread to others also. In that case, it’s advisable to keep in mind the rainy season diseases and prevention required to fight these diseases.



6 Quick Tips About Rainy Season Diseases And Prevention


1.Dengue And Malaria

The stagnant rainwater gets accumulated in the puddles formed while raining. This promotes microbial activity and increases the growth of mosquitoes. Female mosquitoes are the carrier of diseases such as malaria and dengue. They lay eggs in the contaminated puddle water which increases their number. They make people ill. The primary signs of malaria and dengue are fever, body ache, fatigue, vomiting, headache, and burning eyes. If you see any of these symptoms do visit your doctor soon.


The main cause of malaria and dengue is the mosquitoes. Hence, make sure your house is protected from their attack. Use mosquito coils or liquid to spray them out and to prevent them from taking place in your house. Keep the surroundings of your house neat and clean, to prevent the accumulation of water and dust around your house. Do not store junk and scraps in your house or outside your house as these are the favorable conditions for mosquitoes to grow rapidly in numbers.


2. Typhoid

Typhoid is also a disease mainly occurring in the rainy season. It is a disease caused due to a bacterial infection caused by a bacteria called Salmonella typhi. The disease is often caused due to an infection caused by eating contaminated food and drinking dirty water. It’s more likely to be also seen where personal hygiene is not taken care of.


Typhoid if caught early can be treated with antibiotics but it can be fatal if not treated immediately. The primary symptoms of Typhoid are high fever, vomiting, headache, diarrhea. If you notice these symptoms, get the right treatment as soon as possible. Drink clean water as much as possible to maintain the required volume of water in your body. It is also very necessary to take adequate rest in typhoid for a speedy recovery.


3. Hepatitis A

Hepatitis A is a virus that causes inflammation and infection in the liver cells. This inflammation affects the efficiency of your liver and hinders its work. These virus spreads when you eat food or drink water that is contaminated by tiny particles of fecal matter. The common symptoms of this disease are jaundice, vomiting, weakness, yellow eyes, and fever.


Hepatitis A is a disease that needs immediate treatment in a hospital because, without the right treatment, it is difficult to cure it. Its treatment is available in every government or private hospital. For a speedy recovery and to prevent this disease, eat high-calorie food devoid of oil and spices.


4. Diarrhea

Diarrhea is also a common disease that you can see on rainy days. The common cause of Diarrhea is bacteria and parasites. Parasites causing diarrhea are Cryptosporidium and Giardia lamblia. Bacteria causing diarrhea are shigella campylobacter, Escherichia coli, and salmonella. They transmit into the body by taking contaminated food and water.


The common symptoms of this disease are vomiting, abdominal pain, low blood pressure, and frequent bowel movements. Whenever you see the signs of this disease, you should visit a doctor and take the medicines prescribed by him. Keep your eating habits clean. Always drink filtered boiled water. Avoid eating outside and eating spicy food Instead eat simple and light homemade food which is easy to digest.


5. Cold

The most common disease in a rainy season among people is Cold. The main reason for Cold is when you get wet too often in the rain. Everyone likes to dance and play in the rainwater but too much getting wet in the rain can make you sick with cold. Cold spreads quickly and it takes time to cure. It brings body pain, mild fever, headaches, and cough. If you see these symptoms in you or around you, do take precautionary steps and consult a doctor to avoid it from spreading.


In the rainy season, if you want to stay away from cold and viral infections then make sure you do not get wet. Try to stay away from the rain as much as possible and always carry an umbrella or a raincoat whenever you’re leaving the house to protect yourself from the untimely rain. Also, stay away from ice-creams and cold drinks instead drink turmeric milk or herbal tea that provides heat in the moist climate to the body.


6. Skin Problems

Skin diseases such as ringworm, psoriasis itching,  athlete’s foot, boils, fungus, not only trouble a person but also leaves ugly patches on many parts of the body. If you notice excess itching or red rashes in any part of your body on rainy days, then to avoid these, you should consult your doctor immediately.


A person with a bad digestibility has more chances of having a skin disease. So, avoid food that troubles your digestive system. Eat light food and avoid sour food because eating sour food not only disturb your tummy but also rapidly increases the skin disease. Do not keep nails long during the monsoon season because they are more likely to attract muck, which can lead to fungus and infection. Always use antiseptic soap, face wash, and talcum powder. Wear clean cotton socks to keep your feet protected. Wear loose and comfortable cotton clothes. In rainy season drinking a glass of turmeric milk every night before sleeping will help you fight infections and diseases. Also, eat right, stay hydrated, and stay away from street food to protect yourself from rainy season diseases.


These are some diseases that are more likely to occur in the rainy season. If we keep in mind the preventions and follow the prescriptions given by our doctor, then it is very easy to avoid any serious threat to our health in the rainy days and also we can treat their preliminary symptoms immediately.


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