How To Deal With Copycat Competitors In Business

There will always be copycat competitors in business trying to copy you. But what if someone constantly copies your ideas and style? To find out, keep reading this post on how to deal with copycat competitors in business.


A copycat is a person who copies or duplicates others’ expressions or work, either from small or huge businesses or from individuals. Everyone aspires to be a leader in their industry. Whether you are a blogger, YouTuber, an employee, or a business, you will find copycats everywhere. It is the nature of this fast-growing, competitive, and demanding world.

Healthy competition is actually good and believed to be assertive. It keeps you working, relishing the challenges, and helps you analyze and evaluate your business base in the market. Fair business practices are encouraging, but when you encounter copycat competitors trying to copy you, it creates a whole lot of negative energy, anyway healthily deal with them. Naturally, there is something you are doing great, that is being tried to copy. Below are 5 ways, to healthily deal with copycats in your business.


5 Ways To Deal With Copycat Competitors In Business


How To Deal With Copycat Competitors In Business


1. Be Positive

There is always a demand for uniqueness and creativity. Remember, they can copy ideas but not your creativity. So, don’t get carried away, see competition as healthy, and take it with a positive attitude. Without competition, you would not have been working so hard to reach where you are. It would be too easy for copycat competitors to copy ideas of others, but, this takes dedication, creativity, time, and capital to reach where you are today. So celebrate your hard earn success and work hard consistently to achieve your goal without focusing on copycats.


2. Be Aware, But Not Obsessed

When someone imitates you, particularly after you have put in so much of your time and effort into creating something, naturally you will get offended. From my personal experience, initially, when I saw someone imitating my idea or style it bothered me a lot, but as time moves it stop bothering you. Therefore, let go and think that they are jealous or coping with low self-esteem.

Being obsessed with other’s work only harms you and your business. Walk away from such people, focus on yourself and your work without wasting your time and energy in trying to comprehend your copycat competitor’s moves and motives.


3. Take It As A Compliment

If you encounter a copycat, take it as a compliment, it means they think your plans are great and unique, and they are working for you so would work for them as well. But, ultimately, they can’t get ahead with these poor tactics.
In fact, they are just wasting their time and energy on imitating you, instead of building their own unique individuality.


4. Stay Motivated To Keep Working On Your Plans

Self-motivation is the power that inspires you to work on your goals. It also helps fight setbacks and build new opportunities. There are a lot of competitors and competitions in every field, so stay motivated and stay consistent. Constantly changing your strategies is the best way to counter your competitors and improve your business.


5. Protect Your Work

Stealing others work can’t be categorized as an inspiration, but an infringement of someone’s rights. For freelancers and small business owners, it is important to always copyright your data until you get fully paid. Ideas can’t be copyrighted, but your work can be. Copyright your work or business ideas to block someone from constantly copying you and earning huge exposure without giving credit to you. You can reach out to them directly and get it removed. As long as you own the copyright, you have the right to remove the parodied work from the internet. You can also take legal action if required. Also, take all the required steps to curb them from copying you frequently.


So these were my 5 ways to deal with copycats healthily, without losing your cool. Have you encountered a copycat competitor in your business? Or has anyone ever tried to copy your content or ideas? Tell us in the comments below how you have dealt with them.


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