Indian Salutation Namaste What Does It Mean

Like greeting people by saying hi, hello, or shaking the hands, Namaste, is an Indian gesture of greeting since ancient times. It has been now embraced by the entire world as a corona defense. But, do you know the importance of this ancient Indian way of greeting? and the word Namaste what does it mean? Keep reading this post to find out the meaning of Indian Salutation 🙏 namaste, what does it mean, and its benefits.


The Indian Salutation 🙏 Namaste What Does It Mean


Difference between Namaste and Namaskar

Namaste and Namaskar are both ways of greeting in the Hindu culture. It means I bow to you while Namaskar is an act of bowing an entity.

Namah is a Sanskrit word used in mantras for salutation, which means to bow.  The veritable definition of Namaste is Namah + Te, in which “Namah means I bow” and “Te means divine in you”. Namaskar is the union of two Sanskrit words Namah+Kar. The meaning of kar is to do, Namaskar means I do the act of bowing down to you with respect.


Significance of Namaste

Namaste has remained an inherent part of the Hindu culture. Even today, we greet God, our elders, relatives, neighbor, guests by this heartwarming, and respectful Namaste. Namaste is performed by putting both hands together with folded palms near the heart chakra, thumbs joined, finger-pointing upwards near the heart, with eyes closed and, head bowed in front.

The heart chakra is located at the center of our chest and the fourth amongst the seven chakras of our body. The heart chakra is also known as the Anahata chakra, which is a Sanskrit word that means unharmed. Anahata chakra is related to love and affection. When we place our hands near the heart chakra or Anahata chakra, it becomes active, as a result, positive energy is created.

Namaste symbolizes unconditional love and emotional strength. It motivates us in the extensive practice of respect and kindness towards others and develops the spirit of harmony and knowledge within. So, Namaste is a pose of greeting someone, it means I bow down to the virtue being in you. By bowing down to someone, we give respect to the person we are approaching by only saying Namaste. It brings positive energy inside the body, which also pleases the soul of another person.


Benefits of Namaste

There are several scientific, religious, spiritual, and health benefits of namaste or folding palms together. It is part of a scientific process. In yoga, this pose is practiced to recharge the body, warm-up, and prepare the body for complex yoga asanas. The pose of Namaste is also known as Prayer Pose or Pranamasana or Anjali Mudra. The regular practice of this posture enlightens and relaxes our body and soul. It benefits health and mind in numerous ways. Folding palms boost blood circulation and improve heart health. It also benefits in problems like depression, insomnia, anxiety, stress, headache, migraine, etc. In general, Namaste is about the relaxation of body and mind.

Namaste transmits positive energy in our bodies and creates a positive aura. It’s believed that, when we join both palms together and say Namaste, a wave produces in our body that transmits positive energy towards the person we are greeting. It also symbolizes the dropping of the negativity and ego and gaining of self-realization. Also, while we practice yoga and meditation, this gesture symbolizes purity that creates a spiritual connection between body, mind, and soul.

Those fond of yoga wall art also put a Namaste wall hanging in their living-room or at the entrance of their house to greet guests. Such artwork creates a peaceful and relaxing ambiance.


Namaste is not only a culture but, it also helps you keep yourself away from infectious diseases, that spread from person to person. This old Indian tradition is very effective in keeping diseases off. Thus, because of today’s situation, people all over the world have adopted Namaste as a greeting.


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