Long-term effects of wearing High Heels

High heels are always in fashion, they look so glamorous with every outfit. They’re used by a large number of females unaware of the fact that how fatal they can be to their health. It’s fine to wear such footwear in a party or a wedding, but in a daily routine, it can prove to be dangerous. Today we will discuss the long-term effects of wearing high heels on health.


Long-term effects of wearing High Heels


Everyone admires the glamorous catwalk of models and actresses on the ramp. High Heels help in increasing their length and also give them a smart and stylish look. We also desire to look stylish like them. Every girl and woman in today’s age use high heels. Nowadays, we put on high heels and get dressed up in the desire to look more gorgeous and smart. But it’s high time to consider what we are wearing is okay for our health or not? Sometimes it is okay to wear it, but the long-term effects of wearing high heels can be harmful. The high heel shoes can be harmful not only for your legs but also for many other organs of your body including the spinal cord. It can also cause problems in joints.


Long-term effects of wearing High Heels


1. Weakens your foot muscles

  • On wearing a high heel, the complete weight of your body falls on your heels which pressurizes your toe towards the floor. This unnatural pressure weakens your front foot muscles and tissues. Because of this, the entire burden of your body falls on the spinal cord and it’s also not evenly distributed.
  • Wearing high heels additionally changes the position of the legs and causes stiffness in the feet and also damage the foot nerves. It can also cause pain in the legs and back


2. Shift’s the center of gravity of the body

  • Whenever you put high heels footwear and stand on your ankles, the center of the gravity of your body shifts ahead. Say, if you’re wearing a high heel of 4 inches then it’ll shift your body’s gravity to 40 degrees.
  • These changes not only affect your foot but also your body. Also, not every part of your body is adapted to this change which leads to discomfort. This causes problems in your various body organs.


3. Shortens your calves muscles

  • Wearing high heels for a long time will shorten the calf muscles. Walking in high footwear causes strain within the Achilles ligaments which ties up your lower leg muscles to your heels.
  • Once the Achilles get stressed, they cause the lower leg muscles to move closer together. This can cause calf muscles to shorten.


4. Can damage your Spinal cord

  • The posture needed to carry high heels will pressurize your ankles, toe, and the body which leads to damage in nerves around your spinal cord.
  • This damage may further cause damage to the spine. Additionally, it may also lead to cramps, back pain, compression, irritation, weak muscles, or spasms.


5. Can cause Osteoarthritis

  • Osteoarthritis is a joint disorder. Wearing high heel footwears increases the chance of getting osteoarthritis. They cause a negative impact and unnecessary extra burden on your knee bone.
  • Apart from this, wearing high heels shoes can also cause strain and swelling in joints. They also tighten the joints in your Knee and the nerves of your legs.


6. Avoid High heels in pregnancy

  • During pregnancy, the muscles of your back are already stretched, which causes pain in them. In this condition, the body will generally tilt forward. Thus, wearing heels thereby increases the risk of swelling in the legs and will increase the problem in your feet.
  • So, avoid wearing heels during pregnancy because during pregnancy the weight increases and that changes the body’s posture which increases the risk of falling.


Things to keep in mind while choosing your footwear


  • Go for that footwear that is wide and deep and which have padding in them. Before buying always make sure that their lower end is not too hard. Choose footwear that is comfortable, light in weight devoid of any pointed thing in them.
  • Keeping the weather in mind, choose comfortable footwear to avoid the risk of fungal and bacterial infections. Also, apply talcum powder to your feet to avoid infections. Always wear thick cotton socks whenever possible especially if you are working all day in the office.
  • Avoid wearing heels if you already have pain in your legs. Do not wear heels more than a half-inch for daily use.


Though there are so many disadvantages of wearing high heels yet they can also be not ignored completely. Because high heels are the latest trends. No doubt that the high heels give you a glamorous look but we can not deny that the fact that they are so uncomfortable for your feet. So, wear high heels only on special functions and occasions and not daily to save yourself from the long-term effects of wearing high heels.


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