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The secret of good health is hidden in a clean and beautiful home. Every member of the house should take responsibility to clean the corners of the house. The important part of the house is the kitchen, which becomes dirty while making food every day. If the kitchen is not clean then every member of the house will always be sick. There are many things in the kitchen that require cleaning every day. Let us know some quick kitchen cleaning tips which can be used to keep kitchen clean and how to clean it.


Cleaning the Cooking Gas


Quick Kitchen Cleaning Tips

Do not forget to clean the cooking gas after cooking. If food has fallen on the burner or around it, clean it with a wet cloth.

Use some detergent on the sponge and clean the cooking gas. After that clean it with clean water and then wipe it with a dry cloth.

If something has fallen on the gas burner, causing its holes to close then use a brush to clean it. This brush can be found at a gas agency or a kitchen shop.

Keep checking gas pipe i.e. rubber tube from time to time. Many times rubber tubes are cut off. After using the cylinder, do not forget to close its nose. This will keep your gas safe and family too.


Cleaning the Microwave


Quick Kitchen Cleaning Tips

The microwave probably is the most used kitchen appliance in our kitchen so be sure to keep it clean by giving it a good cleaning once a week.

Fill two cups of water in a bowl in the microwave and pour a spoon lemon juice in it.

Microwave this water for five minutes and leave it. When microwave stops, take a towel and clean it from inside it.

This will not only clean the microwave but also leave a good smell in it eliminating food odor from it.


Cleaning the Refrigerator


Quick Kitchen Cleaning Tips

Cleaning and maintenance of refrigerator are equally important.

Use hot water and baking soda for cleaning the refrigerator. Cleaning and maintenance of the fridge.

Always remove the fridge plug holder before cleaning the refrigerator. Remove all the ingredients from the fridge and wrap it.

Mix baking soda with light hot water and clean the fridge with a soft and clean cloth.

After cleaning the refrigerator, wipe it with some soft and dry clothes. Never wash the refrigerator with water.

If the fridge is smelling, keep the lemon cut in the fridge. Do not fill too much stuff in the refrigerator.


Cleaning the Toaster


Quick Kitchen Cleaning Tips

The toaster should be used of a good company as it lasts for a long time.

Use a dry cloth to clean toaster and switch.

While doing the cleaning, keep in mind that there is no water in the toaster.

Keeping your toaster clean to keep it running safely and better for you.




Cleaning the Mixer Grinder


Remove mixer blades and attachments before cleaning.

Clean the surface of the mixer with a wet cloth and then dry it with a clean dry cloth.

Clean the blades and attachments with clean water and dry it.

Always unplug the mixer once after it’s used.



Cleaning the Nonstick Kitchenware


Nowadays nonstick utensils are being used in every house. Therefore their care is also important.

Never clean nonstick utensils with rough and edgy things as it can damage the nonstick coating.

Using less oil in this utensils will also help you stay healthy. Therefore every item in the kitchen should be carefully cleaned.

Your health will be as healthy as clean is your kitchen will be.


Cleaning the Cabinet


It’s important to regularly clean and maintain kitchen cabinets.

The first step is to clean kitchen cabinets from inside and second step is clean kitchen cabinets from outside.

Take liquid soup and white vinegar to wipe the cabinet to clean it.

When thoroughly wipe out, take a clean cloth and dip it in hot water and clean the soap solution from the inside and outside of the cabinet.



Cleaning the Kitchen floor


Quick Kitchen Cleaning Tips

Germs and bacteria are everywhere so it is very necessary to keep the


kitchen floor neat and clean.

If any sticky thing has fallen on the ground, put bleach on it and then rubbing it with a brush.

To make the ground shine, add hot water to one cup of vinegar and clean it.


 Cleaning the Kitchen Sink


Quick Kitchen Cleaning Tips


Cleaning sink is very important to avoid clogging and plumbing issues.

Clean the kitchen sink regularly to remove the sticky grease from the sink.

Use a brush and rub the sink surface with it. Use white vinegar and baking powder for cleaning kitchen sinks and rub it with a brush. Later rinse the entire sink with hot water.




Hope you’ll find this Kitchen Cleaning Tips helpful. Please share your views or your Kitchen Cleaning Tips in the comments below.





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