How to be a self-dependent woman?

How to be a self-dependent woman? – “The power you have is to be the best version of yourself you can be, so you can create a better world.”

Women have come a long way proving their abilities and capabilities to thrive and to survive. Be it any country or region, I feel we women struggle a lot to make some space for ourselves, where all the cultural barriers break, and we meet.



Right from body shaming, color shaming, facing domestic violence, acid attacks, sexual assault, male-dominance, we have seen it all, been through it, heard about it and fought it in our best capacities. From emotional turbulence to financial disturbance we must face it all in our daily life, but how can we change our present situation, how can we control or take charge of our own lives? How can we come out of our miseries?

I understand that as a limiting belief deeply rooted in our society and within us, we feel inferior of ourselves, we doubt our own judgments and decisions. We still look for a safe space and are afraid of coming out of our comfort zone. But Dear Women, its time now that we come out our cocoon and take charge of our lives, take command, rule and make it work for ourselves.


How to be a self-dependent woman? | Women Community Online


For how long we are going to be a story of misery, for how long we will dig into the hole of self-pity. We got to come out of all those paralyzed emotions and situations. If you got a passion work on it, invest in it. Learn something new, upgrade yourself, keep yourself updated. Stay healthy, take care of your body and mind both. More than anyone else you need yourself the most.

In India and maybe other countries as well, I have seen women not participating in financial decisions of the family. In some families, they are not allowed to because of the male dominance whereas in some family women themselves feel it is the area or the department of Man of the house.

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Life is very uncertain; you never know what is in store for us for the very next moment. Just assume your husband has made a lot of investments and savings and you are not at all aware of it, how much returns you will get at the end of the tenure, what is the present interest rate of the investment made? and on the contrary, you see a picture presented by your husband which looks perfect but maybe he is struggling really hard to compensate for all the means, how do you know? Only when you take an initiative, only when you decide to contribute.


How to be a self-dependent woman?


How can we contribute?

  • By staying aware! Keep ourselves upgraded, learn about new things.
  • Get the basic facts and figures checked, Taxes, interest rates, etc.
  • Try to save, be it a minimal amount but have some contingency amount.
  • Try to get involved in talks, read the news to stay updated with current affairs and changes around the world.
  • Come out of inhibitions.
  • Do not hesitate to raise a query and to seek answers.

These are just a few basic things which we all know but we hardly care to reach out, to try. We can create the life we want for ourselves. We just need to stop and observe our life, feel confident, accept all our emotions, stop seeking validation from the outside world and live the life we are blessed with. Women can only realize her hidden potential unleashing herself, by stepping out of our comfort zone. Life begins when we entrust ourselves and stop being a procrastinator.


How to be a self-dependent woman? | Women Community Online


Take charge of your life and make it work for you.


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