How to prevent sanitary pad rashes during periods

Due to the constant use of sanitary pads, many women develop period rashes which sometimes becomes intolerable. But, by bringing a few changes in your lifestyle you can easily stop the Sanitary pad rashes during periods.


How to prevent sanitary pad rashes during periods | Women Community Online

Most women feel very uncomfortable during periods, because of the period pain and cramps. Apart from this, they also feel discomfort with the rashes caused due to the use of the sanitary pads. Every woman uses the sanitary pads. They’re the period absorbent product worn during periods. These days variety of sanitary napkins are available in the market. But do you know, they have chemicals in them which makes them period absorbents. Sanitary pads also have artificial fragrances, colors, and, polyethylene in them. These harmful chemicals may lead to problems like cancer and infertility. And if your skin is sensitive, then these chemicals can cause itching, infections, or rashes near your thighs and private parts.


Signs of Yeast Infection

When a yeast infection catches you, you will feel extreme pain and irritation while you pee or during intercourse. Yeast infection initially, is not a serious disease, but it is a very distressing problem for a woman. In a healthy female urinary organ too, yeast and fungus are naturally present. But, when they grow in their abnormal number, they cause infection in the private part.

There can be two reasons why they grow abnormally. First, it is sometimes by taking antibiotics to stop bacterial infections and the other causes can be hormonal, diabetes, or STDs (Sexually transmitted diseases).

Developing rashes during periods is not a new thing in a woman’s life. But, rashes, along with bleeding, cramping, and discomfort worsen her periods. When these period rashes occur, they cause severe itching around the areas near women’s urinary organs and rectum. Because of these rashes during periods, women feel so uncomfortable and even pain while walking. Let’s know how to prevent sanitary pad rashes that are caused during periods.


How to prevent sanitary pad rashes during periods



1. Change your Sanitary Napkins after few hours

Using the sanitary pads for a long time can increase moisture in your private areas, which may cause infection.  Make sure you do not wear your single sanitary napkin for more than 5 to 6 hours. Wearing a single pad the whole day can not only cause rashes but also make you feel uncomfortable with its dampness and bad odor. So, change your sanitary pad every 5 to 6 hours to maintain your lower body’s health.


2. Choose right brand for your Sanitary pads

Collect all the information about the brand, the material used, and the pads you’re using. Do not use pads with plastic linings or plastic surface they increase the problem of rashes. In periods, the sanitary napkins you use are in direct contact with your private part. Thus, make sure you use sanitary pads that maintain your lower body part’s health. Use brands that has a soft cotton surface and which are light and comfortable to use. Also, avoid using scented sanitary pads. They contain artificial aroma which creates a risk of infection.


3. Choose the right bottom wears for you

Do not wear skinny bottoms or tight jeans during periods. Instead, wear trousers or loose pants. Also, wear cotton panties to reduce sweating. Wearing Lycra or Nylon underwear causes sweating near your thighs, which promotes the growth and bacterial activities, which is more likely to cause fungal infection. So always wear cotton panties. Cotton panties will absorb moisture near your thighs and private areas and it will also avail adequate air circulation in private parts. So, if you observe any sort of infection, it would be better that you do not wear tight clothes or choose loose clothing as much as possible.


4. Maintain basic hygiene

Along with changing your sanitary pads at regular intervals, keeping your private area clean is also very important. Shave the pubic and bikini line regularly. Wash your urinary area daily so that there are no chances of any infection or rashes due to bacteria and germs. In periods, wash it every time you pee or use a bathroom. The private part skin is very sensitive, thus use plain water, mild antiseptic soap, or a feminine V wash product to clean your private areas to avoid sanitary pad rashes during periods.


5. Use Antiseptic powder

The use of powder will keep the surrounding areas of thighs and the private parts dry. It is better to use an antiseptic powder instead of a talcum powder because it helps to destroy the germs caused due to excess sweating near the private parts.


6. Stay happy and tension-free

The most important cure or prevention to fight any disease or infection is your positive mindset. Keep your mind healthy and stress-free by taking complete rest whenever it’s required. If you do not give your body adequate rest, then your body’s immune system will become very weak and prone to infection, which in turn can worsen your health as well. So, after working all day, to comfort your body, it is necessary to take sound sleep for at least 7-8 hours every day.


7. A healthy diet

When our body lacks the necessary nutrients, then it is unable to protect ourselves from harmful germs and bacterias. Thus, include essential nutrients in your diet. Eat food items that are rich in calcium. Include milk, green leafy vegetables, fruits, and yogurt in your diet to ease your period days. Yogurt is full of healthy bacteria preventing yeast infections. Eat at least a cup of yogurt daily. It will not only maintain your good health but will also protect you from bacterial infections.


Following the above tips regularly, you will be able to treat the infections and rashes caused due to the use of sanitary pads in periods. In case you’re troubled with prolonging women’s problem or infections do consult your gynecologist immediately. Talking about private parts problems is not a bad thing in any way. With the proper information about the problem and paying more attention to private parts’ health, you can save yourself from any severe future health problems.


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