Karma – The Law Of Cause And Effect

All our deeds have their cause and effects which are at any time experienced by us in our lifetime. I am a firm believer in Karma. In this post, we will talk about Karma – The law of cause and effect. Often, the circumstances of our lives are the cause and effects of our good or bad karma. It’s assumed that the consequences of all our deeds are faced in the same life only. We usually decide the good or bad by people’s behavior and actions. But, it’s equally important to keep oneself and our actions defined by our goodness and morals.


What is Karma?

Karma is a law or you can say a lesson to remind you of liberation, which is only unveiled to you based on your actions. If you’re aware, of Karma and the law of cause and effect, then your life journey transforms into a path of liberation. A person who knows his limitations is never influenced by the difficult circumstances of his life. As a result, he wins over the situation and is not affected by it.

Without moving on the path of spirituality, you can not reduce the effects of bad karma. When a person is on the path of spirituality with his complete consciousness, only then he can subdue all these karma bonds. Then he can freely move on onto the path of liberation. Even if a person isn’t spiritual but he has wisdom and sincerity, then with these qualities also he can easily wane the harsh effects of the bad karma.


Laws of Karma – The law of cause and effect

We are all aware that our life is connected with our family, society, and our country. But we do not know that it is also directly related to the Karma or Actions of our life. Our present is created based on our previous actions. Today we maybe are happy or sad, rich or poor, sick or healthy, all are the effects and causes of our actions. All physical or mental activities carried by a person throughout the day are karma. Karma doesn’t mean only physical actions. It also means the expressions, thoughts, and words spoken. Because these things also have their cause and effect and also creates Karma. So, our actions, words, internal expressions, and thoughts also have an effect on our karma.


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There are twelve Laws of Karma which should be seen as valuable lessons or teachings, to make the necessary changes within to create good karma and overcome the effect of bad karma.


1.The Law of Cause and Effect

The first law of karma is also known as the great law of karma. This law is like the Law of Attraction. It says, “What goes around comes around” or “as you sow, so shall you reap”. It means whatever we set toward the universe will come back to us, whether it is positive or negative.

2. The Karmic Law of Creation

This law of creation says that every living being has to be an active participant in life to get what we desire. People don’t believe in fantasy to build good karma. Miracles don’t happen in life, we have to put in our efforts to make it happen. We can’t expect things to happen. 

3. The Law of Humility

Self-realization and self-reflection are what the Law of Humility teaches. Blaming others for things happening to you binds you from accepting reality. To bring any positive change in your life, you need to accept something. Real happiness cannot be attained until there is an acceptance of the truth.

4. The Law of Growth and Development

Change is inevitable in life. By changing ourselves, we work to improve our lives. We can not expect the world to change for us. Developing our self is the only way to change how the world behaves to you. So, focus on Self-development instead of trying to control the world, this is what the Karmic Law of Growth and Development states.

5. The Karmic Law of Responsibility

Being responsible means accepting what you do and where you are in life. The Law of Responsibility states that we are accountable for everything that results in our lives. So, instead of finding excuses look within and take the responsibility of all good and bad things happening in your life.

6. The Law of Connection

This law states that all our energies associated with our past, the present, and the future are interconnected. Every step in life could become a strong consequence. The karma of past life is connected to our present life and present karma creates the future. This law indicates to control bad energy to always create good karma.

7. The Law of Focus 

This law suggests to only focus on the present. It tells us to focus on one thing at a time because a divided mind and efforts are more sensitive to negativity. Spirituality and meditation help to develop your focus on good things rather than negative things in life.

8. The Law of Giving and Hospitality

This law explains that if you believe in something, then at a certain period of life you will be given an opportunity to prove your loyalty to that truth you believe in. This means the universe will test your faith, practice and learned lessons in life.

9. The Law of Present

This karmic law encourages us to live and enjoy the present moment. It tells us to remain happy in what we are today. It says to stay engaged in the present because there is no meaning of thinking about the past that is already gone and can never change now.

10. The Law of Change

Sometimes in life, we feel that we are stuck in the life-circle. The universe only gives what is required. We have heard that history repeats itself until we aren’t addressed to something, that is needed to learn from our past to change our path. Its because we haven’t yet proved that we have learned from our past, which was needed to learn to create a better future.

11. The Law of Significance and Inspiration

The Law of Significance and Inspiration shows the need for a positive lift to act with positive behavior. Because positivity attracts more positivity back into your life. It means the transfer of positive energies with fewer expectations and more spirituality in life.

12. The Law of Patience and Results

Rewards are a result of energy, hard work, and constant efforts, which we put in to get the desired goal. The most precious rewards in life require faith and persistence. Hard work always gives results and we can surely achieve success with our knowledge at the right time. So, instead of worrying about the fruit or the results, we only need to focus on hard work to meet our goal. Besides, you should also never work only in the desire of fruits, nor you should remain inactive. This is what Lord Krishna also has said in Shrimad Bhagavad Gita.


Check out this meaningful video by Sister BK Shivani that explains The Power Of Present Karma


Video Courtesy: YouTube channel BKShivani
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  1. Karma is something I think about frequently, I do believe that if we live a honest and truthful life that we will have a blessed life!

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