Why 22nd March Is Celebrated As World Water Day

Water is a precious gift of nature to the human race. Life is impossible without water. 71% of the earth’s surface is water. Every Year 22nd March is Celebrated as International World Water Day. Let us know the history and some facts about International World Water Day.


Why 22nd March Is Celebrated As World Water Day?


22nd March International World Water Day


History Of World Water Day


The international initiative of International water day was at the Earth summit (The United Nations Conference on Environment and Development; UNCED) in 1992 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The awareness about water conservation and maintenance of water began on March 22, 1993. So, The United Nations termed March 22, 1993, as the first World Water Day. From that day the work of spreading awareness about the conservation and maintenance of water begun. Since then World celebrates March 22 as International Water Day. Every year it’s celebrated with different themes. Read more about it here (courtesy: WorldWaterDay.Org)


Why Conservation Of Water Is Necessary?


Conservation Of Water

Water is nature’s gift to man. Water is very important for every life. A person can survive without food for several days. But he can survive without drinking water only for 2-3 days. This proves the importance of water for life. The major component of a human’s body also consists of Water. 

Earth’s surface has 71% of water but all is not potable. Only a few percent of potable water is available in the form of rivers, ponds, and waterfalls. Still, our approach towards water is too irresponsible. Knowingly or unknowingly we wastewater. 

Today in many regions of the world, many people are craving water and India is one of them. At present many states of our country are suffering the scarcity of water. Due to a lack of water, many people have to face difficulties in life. Many of our villages do not have proper drinking water. In many places of Gujarat and Rajasthan, there is a scarcity of water. Women have to get water from distant places outside their villages walking miles. Which is a very serious issue. Water conservation is the only way to save water and to solve water scarcity in the future. 

To protect the environment, life, and world we are taught to save and conserve water. That is the main objective of International World Water Day. 


Water Pollution

As per statistical sources,  approximately 2.5 billion people in the world don’t have access to improved water sources. Water is a natural resource, which should not be wasted or contaminated. Like water wastage, water contamination is another serious water issue. Many people depend on rivers and ponds as potable water sources. But due to water pollution, even water from these sources is not safe to drink. Rivers the largest source of water are growing with pollution. Chemical waste and sewage are thrown by the industries in rivers which causes water pollution. Many people drink this contaminated water as they have no choice. When they don’t get clean water to drink they become victims of diseases like jaundice, diarrhea, and cholera. Waterborne diseases kill 22 lakh people every year in the world. Earth has more than 326 million trillion gallons of water. But of which 97.5% of water is in the sea, which is saline and 1.5% water is in the form of ice. So only 1% percent of water is in a river, waterfalls, and pond which is worth drinking which should not be polluted.


Few Easy Ways To Save Water In A Home

  • Fixing the leakage of a tap is a big water saving.
  • Do not leave the tap open without use.
  • Shorten the shower time.
  • Practice rainwater harvesting.
  • Explain the value of water to the people who wastewater.
  • For cleaning purposes, avoid the use of water pipes and use sweep or wipes to stop water wastage.
  • Use water-saving and water-efficient dishwashers and washing machines.
  • Using full loads for washing machine and dishwasher, it cuts down unnecessary washes in between.
  • Use water can to water in the garden instead of water pipes.


Every country has a tax, bill, water usage, and a penalty for water waste. But still, people do not value water. Just like wasting water, saving water can be easy. If we focus on our daily use of water and practice careful use, improved habits and a few small measures by each one of us can save a lot of water. So let’s save water and save lives.


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