Amla Benefits – Indian Gooseberry Benefits

Amla is a fruit that nature has given to us in the form of a boon and has been used for centuries. In English, it’s known as Indian gooseberry. Raw Amla, used to make marmalade (murabba), sweets, jams, powders, pickles, juices, etc. Let us know today Amla Benefits in this article. (Courtesy: Wikipedia)


First of all, let us know about the properties of Amla. Amla is rich in Vitamin C. Every person needs 50mg of vitamin C per day. In one Amla, the amount of vitamin C is equal to vitamin C present in three oranges. Also, there are many other qualities in Amla which we will know now.

Properties of Amla


Indian Gooseberry Benefits: Amla Benefits


  • Apart from Vitamin C, there are plenty of anti-oxidants also found in Amla.
  • Potassium, Carbohydrate, Fiber, Proteins, Vitamins A, B complex, Magnesium, Iron, Chromium are also present in Amla.
  • Amla is useful in many-body problems and diseases.
  • Eating one Amla regularly also helps you look younger.
  • Amla treats problems of diabetes, sore throat, cough, cold, hemorrhoids, heart disease, constipation, etc.
  • Amla reduces the heat of the body and maintains the normal temperature in the body.
  • It also makes your skin and hairs shine.
  • It strengthens our immunity system.
  • Amla is available as a raw fruit, Amla juice, and as dry Amla or Amla powder. Consuming it in any form has its same benefits.

Amla Benefits of various disease


For eyes

Amla juice is very beneficial for the eyes. It is helpful in glaucoma, color blindness also. Pain in the eyes is also greatly reduced. By eating Amla, the eyesight increases.

Amla Controls the acidic level in the stomach

Acid level inside the stomach is controlled by using Amla in daily life, which improves digestion.


Amla helps in improving metabolism and helps digestion

Amla increases metabolic activity. Our bodies are healthy when metabolism is proper. Most of all it is very helpful in digesting the food. This expels constipation due to which the stomach feels lighter. Take 5 grams of Amla powder with water in the morning to get rid of any kind of stomach disorder.



Mineral-like Chromium is found in Amla which is very useful for diabetic patients. Amla strengthens the functionality of the pancreas where insulin is produced and it regulates the amount of sugar in the blood. It is good for the heart making it healthy.



Consuming Amla daily will also help in making good cholesterol by eliminating bad cholesterol from all cells of the body.


Amla Benefits from hemorrhage

If suffering from hemorrhage and when blood is continuously coming out of the nose and doesn’t stop then put some drops of Amla juice in the nose. It will help you to stop bleeding. Other than this drinking Amla juice or applying Amla Paste on the forehead can also give great relief in hemorrhage.


Prevention of infection

Taking Amla juice or Powder Amla daily can help to fight against bacteria and fungus and also protects us from diseases by strengthening our immunity system.


Amla Benefits in Reducing weight

Consumption of Amla juice helps in losing weight. Amla helps us reduce weight by speeding up our metabolism.


For hemorrhoid

Amla is a very effective remedy for hemorrhoids. Those suffering from hemorrhoids can consume Amla powder with cow’s milk in the morning and night.


For heart problems

Taking Amla juice daily is good for heart patients as Amla is very beneficial for heart muscles. Amla is effective in making our heart healthy. Antioxidant elements are found in abundance in Amla which does not allow the body to create free radicals. Amino acids and pectin are found in the form of an antioxidant. They do not make bad cholesterol and also help strengthen the muscles of the heart.


For Cough and Cold

Amla is one of the best home remedies to cure a cough and cold. Eat Amla powder mixed with honey to cure a cough and cold.


Improvement in metabolism and controls obesity

Amla consumption also improves your rate of metabolism and it also helps to control obesity. Amla juice aids properly in digestion and cleaning the stomach preventing constipation. It is the best cure for constipation.


Amla Benefits For Skin

Amla juice is very good for the skin. Consuming daily Amla Juice with honey help to increase the brightness of the face and also helps fade scars on the skin and remove blemishes. Its paste can also be applied to the face for 15 to 20 minutes daily to remove all kinds of skin problems.


Amla Benefits For Hairs

Amla consumption can be a boon for your hair because with the use of Amla you can make your hair healthy, control baldness, grays, and many other hair problems. By applying the Amla juice on the roots of hairs will strengthen the roots of hairs. You will get long shiny hairs by applying Amla juice with lemon juice in hairs. It will also strengthen the hair. Some people also use Amla to get relief from stress and headache.

Some Other Amla Benefits

  • Amla increases the formation of red blood cells. People, who are lacking in the amount of hemoglobin, should consume Amla juice which increases the red blood cells in the body, and hence there is no shortage of blood.
  • Amla’s intake can bring great comfort in tension by giving good sleep.
  • For Headache grind the Amla and apply the paste on your head, this will remove a headache immediately.
  • Problems of itching can be cured using Amla. Mix Amla powder with any oil and massage it in an itchy place. Amla also gives relief from eczema.
  • By eating Amla, the liver gets strengthen and so the toxins are easily released out of our body.
  • It helps your liver and bladder work properly and also helps in blood purification.
  • Amla powder benefits in urinary disorders and the cleaning of Urine routes.
  • Take Amla powder or Amla juice with honey to cure vomiting.

How to preserve and use Amla


Amla Benefits


  • Amla is a seasonal fruit found in winters but you can store them for at least six months.
  • For this, you will have to cut the raw Amla into small pieces and marinate them with salt. Keep them dry for two or three days in the sun. Dry Amla is ready for use after which Amla can be used to eat for longer periods.
  • Grind these dry Amla in a mixer to get fine Amla Powder if you want to avoid the use of Amla Powder available in the market.
  • To make Amla juice grind raw Amla in a mixer. You will get a thick paste mix this paste in one cup of water and then sieve it. You can drink it as it is or can add some honey and a pinch of salt to enhance its taste. Consume it fresh as it can’t be stored for long. Skip adding water to store Amla pulp for about a month in the refrigerator.


If you know some other benefits associated with Amla, let us know through comments.


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